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What You Need to know about Rodent Removal Services

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What You Need to Know about Rodent Removal Services in Houston - Elite Wildlife Services
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    Nobody has to be convinced to get rats out of the house. The first sight of a fat, nasty rodent with a long pink tail is usually enough to send most people running for solutions. Fast ones!

    Yet the signs of rats appear long before you’ll ever see the rats themselves. Usually this comes in the form of droppings and smells. There may also be stains from the rat’s fur, or holes chewed through walls, floors, and food packages.


    Whatever your warning sign was the next step is to get rid of them fast, before they start spreading disease.

    The first thing we have to do is figure out how rodents are getting into your house in the first place. This allows us to block off their entry points. From there, we use humane bait and traps to get all of the rodents humanely captured for removal.

    We take them far from your property and release them into the wild where they won’t be harmed or do harm.

    Sealing up all the entry points can help, but there are things you can do as well.
    For example, many people get rats or rodents because they don’t do a good job of keeping outdoor garbage bins secured. This attracts them in the first place. Then they target the attic, where insulation and a lack of human traffic provides them with a warm, dry nesting environment.

    If you feed birds then you need to use a feeder basket and reduce the amount of food you’re using. Try to put in just enough to feed the birds during the day, ensuring nothing at all is left behind at night.

    Rodent control can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 for an average sized home. We’re coming in, investigating every nook and cranny, getting everything sealed off, and getting the rodents trapped and removed.
    We also provide additional services. For example, we can also assist with sanitizing, cleaning up and fixing the damage the rats have done. We also guarantee that when we come to your house, those pesky rodents don’t come back.

    You don’t even have to adopt a cat to keep them away.

    Stop the swarm before it gets any worse. Contact us sooner than later and request a free home inspection today!

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    Raccoons Have Got to Go – What You Should Know if you Suspect of Raccoons in your Home or Business

    What You Should Know About Raccoons - Raccoon Removal Experts in Houston - Elite Wildlife Services
    What You Should Know About Raccoons - Elite Wildlife Services

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      Raccoons may seem like harmless, adorable trash pandas, but when they get into your home they create hazards that can’t be ignored. Fortunately, you don’t have to harm raccoons to protect your home. Humane raccoon removal is both possible and affordable.

      In fact, here at Elite Wildlife Services we only practice humane raccoon removal, because we think those little guys are cute too (and we’re nice people who respect nature). 

      Here are a few things you should know about raccoons. 

      Why are raccoons dangerous?

      Raccoons are dangerous for two reasons. First, they carry several diseases that can threaten both your family members and your pets. Many raccoons carry rabies, as well as canine distemper and roundworm. They also carry fleas which can spread to pets or humans.

      Raccoons also damage your home with urine and feces. These droppings can quickly soak into the drywall of your home, rendering it unlivable. Sometimes this even weakens the ceiling to the point where raccoons start falling through the resulting holes, whereupon they become frightened and aggressive, and may attack your family or your pets.

      They also do a great deal of danger to the home itself. Raccoons rip through soffits and fascia, causing roof leaks and gutter problems that can result in thousands of dollars of damage being done to your property. 

      How do you get rid of raccoons?

      First, we seal off the access points the raccoons are using to enter and leave your home. This is the most important step, as it ensures that we have a limited number of raccoons to remove. It also ensures the infestation does not come back.

      From there, we use live cage traps and effective bait to gently trap the raccoons. We then safely remove them many miles from your property.

      We also offer recommendations for sanitation services that can help you get rid of all the fleas, ticks, and droppings that the raccoons have left in your home. Without these vital steps your family would remain at risk even after the animals themselves have been taken out of the picture. 

      How do you stop raccoons from coming back?

      Raccoons are drawn to hospitable environments with plenty of food. Securing your trash can, bringing in pet food at night, and picking up any fallen fruits and nuts in your yard can help make your home a less attractive environment.

      If you have a garden, fish pond, or compost pile you should put up a fence to discourage raccoons from visiting.

      Finally, you should seal off your chimney, as this serves as a common access point. Remember, raccoons love attics! From their perspective, insulation is the perfect nesting material and they enjoy a warm, sturdy space as much as we do.

      What is the average cost for raccoon removal?

      It depends on how many raccoons there are, how much damage they’ve already done, and how many holes we’ll need to seal.  

      The only way for us to quote you an accurate price is for you to call us for a free estimate. Our estimate will be accurate and you won’t have any surprises. Given the long-term damage raccoons can do, it will also be far more cost-effective than leaving these little creatures to their own devices.

      Got trash pandas? We’ve got solutions!

      Don’t let raccoons ruin your home. Contact us today and request a free inspection!

      The Trouble With Squirrels

      Squirrel Removal Services - 10 Years Experience - Elite Wildlife Services

      Squirrels. They’re cute, they’re pervasive, and most of us don’t think about them very much. They run around yards without causing much trouble.

      Yet if they get into your house, they start acting a little like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They start “chewing, chewing, all day long.”

      What do they like to chew on the most? Wires and insulation. It’s just so tempting for them! Your insulation looks like a dream nest to them, warm and dry, safe and cozy. They don’t know that their behavior could lead straight to a house fire.

      Time to get them out of your house and back in the wild where they belong.

      Squirrel Removal Services - 10 Years Experience - Elite Wildlife Services

      We use live traps to capture them. That’s the only way to get them…they’re persistent little creatures. Yet we also take and recommend some steps to keep them from coming back.

      For example, a lot of squirrels get in through the fascia. The gutter acts as a highway to get them there. Gutter guards can be extremely helpful in this regard (try Flo Free if you’d like to avoid the headaches gutter guards can add to biannual cleanings).

      Next, we recommend trimming tree branches that overhang the roof line, since that’s another way squirrels get tempted to enter your home. 

      Meanwhile, when we’re done trapping the squirrels we’ll figure out where they’re entering, seal up those access points, and relocate your squirrels over 10 miles away so they won’t try to get back into the cozy spots they remember. You’ll still see them all over your yard…there’s no avoiding it…but the ones you’ll be seeing haven’t tasted your house yet, and won’t be able to get in thanks to our sealing efforts.

      There are a lot of myths that say you can get rid of squirrels with bright lights, loud music, or apple cider vinegar. None of these methods work. The only way to get squirrels out of your attic is to call a professional to trap them.

      Squirrels have a pretty high tolerance for almost anything if they have found a safe spot to bear and raise young. Your attic is it…no matter how bright or noisy it may be.

      The average squirrel removal job costs anywhere from $200 to $3000. Much depends on the size of both your house and of the infestation. Commercial squirrel removal certainly costs the most.

      Control costs by calling us as soon as you suspect you have a squirrel problem. If you start hearing unusual noises, smell foul odors, or find squirrel droppings then you probably should make the call right away. 

      Call today to request an inspection. We’ll tell you exactly what it takes to show those squirrels the door. 

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      Everything You Need to Know about Rat Trapping Services in Houston, TX

      Everything You Need To Know About Getting Rid of Rats in Your Home or Business - Elite Wildlife Services
      Everything You Need To Know About Getting Rid of Rats in Your Home or Business - Elite Wildlife Services

      When you have rats in your house you’ve got a dozen pressing reasons to get rid of them ASAP.

      Hear one or two rats on the roof and you’ve probably got ten more in your attic and another hundred in your walls. They reproduce with alarming frequency, and attract both other rodents and other predators, like snakes.

      Rats are some of the least sanitary animals you can have in your building. They leave droppings everywhere, which spread disease and give your entire home or office an unpleasant smell that’s hard to get rid of. They can even start dangerous fires by chewing through your wiring. 

      Our Houston rat removal/rat exterminator and decontamination services will get rid of your rats for good.

      You can usually hear rats, and you’ll typically hear them at night. You’ll most often hear them moving in the attic or on the roof. You may hear scratching or scampering noises. 

      You can also check the attic itself for droppings. You’ll tend to see a lot of them. You might see dark, heavy stains in pathways that rats are traveling frequently. Droppings look like little grains of dark brown rice to twice that size. 

      Rats have very oily bodies and they rub against certain surfaces as they travel, leaving oily, unpleasant stains. If you’re seeing them in open areas then the swarm has grown very large and you need immediate help. 

      If the rat swarm grows too large, they might grow bold enough to start entering areas humans frequent, and you’ll start seeing them face to face.

      First, we’ll find and block off their access points so they stop getting into the house. Without taking this step no other control methods will be effective. Once this is done, we can turn to the rats inside of your home.

      We use humane traps to get rid of your rat problem, removing them safely from your home.

      From there it will be time to clean up their droppings. We use safe, non-toxic disinfectants to scrub away their leavings. We also get rid of any nests they’ve built and entirely sanitize attic spaces where they dwell. 

      The cost will depend on the size of your building and the size of the infestation. We’ve done jobs for as little as $169 and it can range to over $1000. Commercial rat removal services tend to cost the most.

      One way you can control the cost of rat removal services is by calling us as quickly as possible. The longer the rats have to breed, the more expensive it becomes to remove them.

      Hey, look, we’re biased, but we are also humane, professional, friendly, and cost-effective. But, don’t take our word for it, check out our awesome reviews from happy customers throughout the entire Houston Metro area. Our Mommas taught us not to brag, but we think there’s some pretty good reasons to give our service a whirl.

      Call (832) 727-9181 today.

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      Bat Removal Services for High Rises and Parking Garages in Houston

      Bat Season in Houston - Bat Removal Services from Elite Wildlife Services

      Bats love to roost in high rises and parking garages across Houston. While they aren’t aggressive or prone to biting, they can infect your visitors, customers, vendors, tenants, or employees with upper respiratory diseases. They can also fill wall spaces with guano, creating a smell strong enough to drive profits away. Here are some of the questions we often get about commercial bat removal in Houston.

      How do you get rid of a bat colony?

      When we get rid of a bat colony we do it in a humane, gentle way that allows bats to remove themselves naturally. First, we find all the areas where bats are entering your high rise, parking garage, or commercial building. We place one-way eviction valves that will not allow them to return as they leave to hunt for the night.

      Once all the bats have left we seal all the potential entry points. Once they’ve left they will go seek out a new home. They’ll look for a high structure near where they were removed.

      Some of our bat removal customers have opted to add alternative housing for them. We can also consult with customers on strategies to help drive them to a new location where alternative housing is already available.

      Finally, we engage in a heavy-duty clean-up process to make sure we get rid of all the guano, which can attract other pests, carry disease, and continue to smell long after the bats have gone if not treated properly.

      Will bright lights keep bats away?

      Bright lights can indeed be an effective deterrent against bats. They don’t like bright, artificial lighting.

      If you know where they like to enter and leave your building you can place bright spotlights there to shine 24/7. This could help discourage them from taking roost in the future.

      Bright lights will not necessarily get rid of a colony that’s already taken roost. They’re just as likely to find another spot in your building that isn’t all lit up. Getting them removed first ensures your bat-deterrent won’t turn into little more than a frustrating drain on your power bill.

      Are bats federally protected?

      A few bat species are indeed federally protected, which is why identifying the species of bat is one of the first steps we have to take when we start a job for your company. The protected bats are:

      • Florida Bonneted Bats
      • Grey Bats
      • Indiana Bats
      • Ozark Big-Eared Bats
      • Virginia Big-Eared Bats
      • Mexican Free-tailed Bats

      Of these you’ll generally only find the Mexican Free-Tailed Bats here in Houston. Texas is also home to dozens of other types of bats which are not protected by federal law. Yet on this count, Texas laws are stronger than federal laws.

      Texas law protects all bats. They may not be “hunted, killed, possessed, purchased, or sold.” They may be “moved, trapped, or killed if inside or on a building occupied by people.” It’s also legal to transport bats to a laboratory for the purposes of testing for rabies.

      How much does it cost to get rid of bats?

      It depends on the size of your building and the size of your colony. For high rises and parking garages bat removal costs can range from $5000 and up. Yet we give every business owner in Houston their own, free estimate.

      You don’t have to engage in guesswork. Once we give you an estimate, we stick by it. Contact us to get started today.