Rat Proofing in Houston, TX - Elite Wildlife Services

Nobody wants rats in their house. But rats are drawn to big cities like Houston. In fact, Houston is ranked among the “rattiest” cities in the United States.  If you don’t take steps to address the rat threat, you’ll probably end up with rats in your home. And no, getting

Seasonal Squirrel Patterns: Houston's Squirrel Behavior Throughout the Year - Elite Wildlife Services

  Squirrels can do plenty of damage both indoors and outdoors. People in Houston have found chewed-up chairs and decks, stripped-down gardens, and worse.  When they’re inside the home, they tear up insulation, chew on wiring until your home becomes a fire hazard, and leave feces everywhere. Understanding their patterns


  When you buy your first home, you already know to think about water heater failures, electrical problems, and paint jobs. Most people aren’t trained to consider the possibility of developing a nuisance wildlife problem. As a result, many people believe some pretty damaging myths about wildlife infestations, myths that

What is Raccoon Roundworm?

What is Raccoon Roundworm? | Elite Wildlife Services

  Raccoon roundworm, also known as a Baylisacaris infection, can be serious. It’s a parasite that is found in raccoons.   Raccoon roundworm can cause severe neurological problems and can be fatal.  If you have raccoons in your home, you are at risk. The parasite can spread from raccoons to dogs

Symptoms of Histoplasmosis

Bats in Home can bring diseases like Histoplasmosis. Elite Wildlife Services

Bats like to live in Houston attics, and unfortunately, not every homeowner catches them before they become a severe problem. One of the biggest dangers of having bats living right on top of humans is the diseases they carry. Bats carry a fungus called Histoplasma. Histoplasma is transmitted through bat droppings.Many

Bat Wildlife Removal in Houston: What to Expect | Elite Wildlife Services

Many homeowners are unsure of what to expect from wildlife removal services. Some even picture exterminators running wildly through their homes, charging after panicking animals.The reality is a lot quieter and completely non-destructive. Here are the steps we'll take when we visit your Houston home.Step 1 - InspectionThe very first