Bat Removal in Houston | Bat Removal Near me | Keeping Houston Homes and Businesses safe from bats | Elite Wildlife Services

Houston, TX, with its warm climate and abundant green spaces, is an ideal environment for many wildlife species, including bats. While bats are beneficial for the ecosystem by controlling insect populations, they can become a nuisance and pose health risks when they roost in homes or businesses. Elite Wildlife Services

What Keeps Rats Away Permanently?

What Keeps Rats Away Permanently? - Elite Wildlife Services

Few unwanted visitors are more distressing than rats. And here in Houston, so many families struggle with rat problems!  Many of those same families learn, to their dismay, that it’s almost impossible to “DIY” a permanent solution to rats. Here’s what you need to know about keeping rats away for

A Rat Control Q&A

A Rat Control Q&A | Rat Control Company | Elite Wildlife Services

As Houston rat control experts, we receive many questions about what it takes to keep a home rat-free.  After all, Houston is one of the top 5 rat-infested cities in America, so nearly every homeowner you know must address the problem in some form or fashion, regardless of the neighborhood

3 Steps You Can Take to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Attic - Houston Squirrel Removal - Elite Wildlife Services

There is no way to keep squirrels out of your yard. Even after a 92% population decline after the winter storms of 2022, they are one of Houston’s most pervasive pests.  Fortunately, squirrels aren’t destructive when they’re in your yard. They’re destructive when they’re in your house and there are

Are Household Pets Effective at Rat Control - Elite Wildlife Services

Many Houston homeowners try to control rat infestations with household pets like dogs and cats.  While it’s true that cats and certain types of dogs are natural rodent hunters, the reality of attempting to use pets for rat control is a little more complex.   Many domesticated animals won’t hunt.

The Dangers of DIY Rat Removal

The Dangers of DIY Rat Removal include risk of disease, bites and scratches, dead rats in your home, incomplete removal, and possibly damage to your home. | Elite Wildlife Services

You have a rat problem, but money is tight. You’re tempted to save money with DIY rat removal. Unfortunately, attempting to handle a rat problem on your own can cost money. Sometimes it can cost 10 times more than calling a professional rodent control company could.  Here are four risks


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