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The winters may be mild here in Houston,
but the pests don’t really think so.


They seek the warmth and safety of Houston’s nearly 1 million homes every single year. If special steps aren’t taken to keep them out, then they can spread disease, damage wiring, eat through insulation, and ruin houses with their droppings.

We’ve been keeping these crazy critters under control for over ten years now. We’re proud to serve both Harris and Montgomery counties.


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Pests Most often found in houston

Houston home and business owners are plagued by a plethora of pests.


Roof rats are by far the most common pest. That’s exactly where they like to stay, too! We’ve also got plenty of Norway rats, or brown rats.


Houston also sees 11 species of bats, mostly Mexican Free-Tailed bats.


And, of course, there’s the gray squirrels, the raccoons, and the snakes. Houston keeps us busy all year long! 


Since home values now average at $243,875 within city limits, it’s more important than ever to protect your home from these pests. They are not harmless and will swiftly devalue your most important investment if given enough time and leeway to do so.


houston pest
breeding seasons


Rats, left to their own devices, will breed all year long if they’re cozy and warm in your attic. They’ll make a big swarm in no time.


Bats arrive in Houston between late February and early March. They like to breed here throughout the summer. They’re looking for safe nests, and your home often looks ideal to them.


Squirrels breed in both the spring and the fall. That’s January and February, and then again in May and June. If you start hearing strange sounds during those months it’s definitely time to call us!


Raccoons breed in the spring, giving birth between March and May. While you might enjoy seeing kits in your yard, there’s a good chance that kits in the yard mean coons in the house.


Houston’s Humane Solution

We follow all of Texas’ wildlife preservation laws. For example, bats are a protected species here in Texas, and we respect that.

That means we catch and release only. We also remove dead animals from your walls and attics. We recommend reliable cleaning services, and then seal up all the spots on your house where they might be getting inside.  

We are an A+ BBB rated business here in Houston and throughout the metro area, and we’ve earned that reputation by being fast, prompt, and providing top notch service.

For example, we reply to online requests, even sometimes late at night, and schedule you promptly so that you don’t have to spend another minute worrying about what Houston’s fuzzy felons might be doing to your home.



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marvin krasnermarvin krasner
03:31 04 Mar 22
Called them on a Sunday afternoon after hearing raccoons in my attic and Mark, the owner, was at my house within an hour to inspect the damage. Mark found a pregnant raccoon nesting in a corner of my 3rd floor attic and proposed a plan of action to extricate the raccoon and to prevent this from happening again. Elite Wildlife Services had 3 men at my house the next morning and they completed the project by noon on Thursday. The guys were very professional and responsive and left my house raccoon free and sealed so that unwanted critters cannot nest here again.
Balwindar KaurBalwindar Kaur
16:46 31 Dec 21
Josh came out on short notice, on a holiday, and was on time. He did a thorough inspection and was able to find the dead rodent that had caused the house to smell vile! He was very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. I highly recommend him and this company! I will definitely use them again, if needed.
Erica AlfaroErica Alfaro
15:40 28 Dec 21
Yeyser was professional and thorough in his work!
Sam DeVineySam DeViney
23:05 30 Nov 21
Josh was very, very quick to reply to my late-night, online request for an inspection and he was at my house the next day, in the morning! (I prefer to work with companies that actually use modern methods of communication. So many still think the telephone between 8AM and 5PM is the only way to communicate.) Josh accessed the situation and thoroughly explained how he would solve the problem, the warranty and the cost. I agreed and then he started work immediately. For the second visit to my home, he communicated well about the scheduling and he arrived on time. He was professional and efficient, and the cost was reasonable. I am very happy with the service provided by Elite Wildlife Services.
Linnie CheathamLinnie Cheatham
18:43 29 Mar 21
Philip did a great job explaining the process of getting the rats out of our attic and sealing up all the entry points of our old house. He was friendly and courteous! I’ve already recommended their services.

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