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Has Your Home or Business been invaded by Wildlife? It May Be Time To Contact the Critter Control Experts!

Elite Wildlife Services has over 10 years of experience helping homeowners and business owners in Houston and surrounding areas with all their Critter Control and Rodent Removal needs. If you suspect of wildlife in your home or business, don't wait. Contact EWS, The top Critter Control experts in Houston today for a Free Evaluation


They're cute, but they're out to take away your upper respiratory health.

Bats are quick to invade homes, filling wall spaces with guano. That's unpleasant enough (the guano has a very distinct, strong smell, and it stains). There will be plenty of it (bats eat up to 5 times their body weight every day), which means people usually figure out they have bats by smell alone. 

Bats may serve a vital function (eating insects), but it's best if they serve it elsewhere. 

You should call us quickly if you suspect bats, because bats can carry histoplasmosis. This is an upper respiratory fungal infection that can be deadly. It can impact anyone in the home, but of course children and the elderly are the most vulnerable. Don't lose a loved one to bats!


It's time for Critter Control - They're hungry, destructive, and they carry rabies. 

Raccoons have done a good job of adapting to life in the cities. They're highly intelligent, and they'll hang out until they can scavenge a bite to eat. They can even learn which day the trash will be set out for pick up. 

During the spring and summer, raccoons will rip through roofs and soffits. There, they'll nest down in your attic to have their young. That's why the first sign of raccoons is usually the sound of "heavy footsteps" in the attic. You might also hear them inside the walls.

Usually, they'll deposit a lot of droppings very quickly, and they'll infest your attic with fleas. Those fleas will happily spread to your pets and to other areas of your home.

Grey Squirrels

You won't give them much thought until they set fire to your home, so don't wait and call the critter control experts now.

Squirrels, especially juvenile squirrels, love to chew. If they get into your home, they'll find their way to your wiring. They'll chew the insulation right off, which means sooner or later you could lose your Houston home to a house fire.

Squirrels generally enter the home between spring and fall. The pregnant females chew their ways into hidden areas of your home. To them, these areas look like the perfect spots to bear their young.

These creatures are extremely persistent. They'll need to be trapped and relocated because they'll use their chewing skills to get right back into the home they think of as their own.
Getting Rid of Roof Rats in Houston - Rat Removal Services - Elite Wildlife Services

Roof Rats

Meet the swarm that brings disease, urine, and other pests straight to your home.

Rats are one of the most common problems for both homes and businesses. They don't care how big or how small the building is. They're happy to work their way into any space where they might make a home. They've even been known to chew through metal and concrete!

They reproduce quickly, forming huge swarms. Each one of those rats carries a pheromone in their fur which leaves a trail for other rodents and predators, who will work their way into the same spaces. They usually start appearing in fall and winter. The first thing you'll notice are the sounds in the attic and walls, but their droppings will start causing problems soon enough if you don't respond. They can and will soak your entire building down with the smell of urine even as they decimate your attic.

Rats require a comprehensive removal approach paired with outside population control. The "trap and seal" approach simply isn't strong enough to control a rat problem.


Bringing free smells and flea problems to every home that will have them.

Opossums are large marsupials. Like kangaroos, they carry their babies in their pouches until they're old enough to cling to their mothers.

They're not known chewers, nor are they known for being aggressive. That doesn't mean they won't quickly use any hole they can find in an existing home or structure. They're active at night and are generally noisy, which is how most people detect them...at least until their very large piles of excrement begin to permeate the entire structure with the smell.

Opossums are primarily scavengers. They like to get into any trash or refuse you leave available to them.

They carry fleas, which will spread throughout the structure to attack both the pets and people within.


The warning sign to watch.

Most of the snakes invading Houston homes aren't venomous, though that doesn't mean you shouldn't call a professional if you spot them. 

The most common snake you'll encounter is a Texas rat snake, and usually they'll be in your structure because they're looking for food. They're following a pheromone trail left by mice and rats.

Usually taking away either their food source or their habitation will discourage them from staying or returning. Sometimes we'll have to launch a full scale rodent-removal program on your behalf.


We need them, but not in our homes. If you spot them in or too close to your home call a critter control professional asap.

Without bees we wouldn't have crops or plants, but they can become a nuisance if they choose to inhabit your home.

They typically swarm in the spring, which is when they go in search of new places to build nests. They don't seek human habitations intentionally, but the structures are abundant and sometimes they don't see other choices.

Many of the bees in our area are very docile, but certain colonies can grow aggressive. When that happens, they'll swarm and sting anything that invades their space. This encounter wouldn't be pleasant for anybody, but could turn deadly for anyone who is allergic to bee stings. Even those who have never had an allergic reaction in the past could need emergency care after suffering from massive bee stings.

Worse, they attract other pests. They're happy to fill every void with honey, which means rats and roaches will be right behind them.

Never try to remove a colony on your own. Doing it safely requires training and the proper equipment.


These small armored animals are mostly harmless but they can be prolific diggers. 

The nine-banded armadillo is a common occurring animal that is throughout the Houston area. It is a prolific digger that goes in search of ground dwelling insects.

Armadillos are a big nuisance to home owners as they dig up yards and landscaping in search of food.

They also can dislodge irrigation shallow irrigation systems and their burrows tend to be found under sidewalks and driveways that can be prone to wash-outs/sinking from our area's heavy rains.


Our goal is to take time to evaluate each customers situation and customize proven results to solve it. If you are looking for a professional critter control solution for any of your unwanted wildlife needs please contact us today! 

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