Wildlife Removal in The Woodlands

Wildlife Removal in The Woodlands

Wildlife Removal in The Woodlands, Texas - Elite Wildlife Services

Many people enjoy living in The Woodlands because it puts them right next door to the 1800-acre George Mitchell Nature Preserve. While you might enjoy being able to spot various creatures when you visit the Preserve, the last place you want them is in your home or business.

It's not unusual for bats, raccoons, grey squirrels, rats, opossums, snakes, bees, and armadillos to become major issues for property owners in The Woodlands area. Each of these creatures threatens your investment in a variety of ways.

They Spread Disease

Every one of these animals carries some form of disease. Bats carry deadly upper respiratory fungal infections. Raccoons carry rabies. Rats carry just about every plague you can think of.

Wildlife in a building poses a severe health and safety risk that you need to address right away.

They Ruin Your Property

Properties in the Woodlands are often beautifully built and appointed. Yet you stand to lose all that if you let wildlife run rampant in your home.

First, there's just no getting around it: animals leave urine and feces everywhere. Bats and rats don't politely go outside or in litter boxes. That means stains, smells, and other damage that can be difficult and expensive to clean up.

Second, many of these creatures like to chew on wires, walls, roofs, soffits, and insulation. It just so happens that our homes and businesses are filled with ideal nesting materials. 

Third, pests sometimes attract other pests.

Got rats? Snakes are right behind them, because the snakes feed on the rats. Got bees? Rats and roaches are ready to eat their honey.

They Threaten Your Safety

Sure, most of the snakes that might be found in your Woodlands home are unlikely to be venomous, but snake bites still hurt. Rats will bite, scratch, and spread disease when they feel threatened, and so will any other animal.

Honeybees? Swarms and stings can be deadly if you or anyone on your property is allergic. 

The longer you leave these creatures on your property the more likely it is that you're going to have some kind of an encounter with them that could result in someone getting hurt. As they grow more invasive they push further and further into the spaces where humans live and work. 

Humane Wildlife Removal Services

There are no DIY solutions that work well for chasing these animals away. The only ways to handle the problem are to find out how they're getting in. Then we have to seal those spaces and remove the animals that are already there.

Killing those animals comes with its own set of problems, including the fact that corpses can become trapped in walls or hard-to-reach attic spaces, creating their own smells, health, and safety issues.

Instead, we trap them and take them off to a place where they can live their little lives in peace while leaving you to yours.

If you know you have a problem, don't delay and don't wait. You've worked too long and too hard to secure your Woodlands property to lose it to these representatives from the great outdoors.

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