What Transmittable Diseases Do Raccoons Carry?


Sure, the trash pandas are adorable. Everyone loves their tiny little hands!Yet when coons get too close, disease can follow.In fact, raccoons carry so many diseases that we’d be hard pressed to name them all. Still, we can give you the most common ones.LeptospirosisWhat it is: a bacterial disease that […]

What You Need to Know About Raccoons

Raccoons on roof - Raccoon Trapping - Houston Raccoon Removal Services - Elite Wildlife Services

Have you seen a pack of little trash pandas cavorting around your yard? Raccoons can be adorable, but like any wild animals they can bring some trouble! We’ve been seeing a lot more raccoons in Sugar Land lately, and so we thought we’d take time to walk you through some of […]

Bat Removal in The Woodlands

Bat Removal Services in The Woodlands, Texas - Residential Bat Removal - Commercial Bat Removal - Elite Wildlife Services

There are ten species of bats inhabiting the Woodlands area:  The Eastern Red Bat The Seminole Bat The Hoary Bat The Northern Yellow Bat The Big Brown Bat The Evening Bat The Eastern Pipistrelle The Silver-Haired Bat The Free-tailed Bat On certain nights in the area you can see hundreds […]

Wildlife Removal in The Woodlands

Wildlife Removal in The Woodlands, Texas - Elite Wildlife Services

Many people enjoy living in The Woodlands because it puts them right next door to the 1800-acre George Mitchell Nature Preserve. While you might enjoy being able to spot various creatures when you visit the Preserve, the last place you want them is in your home or business.It’s not unusual […]

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