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Elite Wildlife Services
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Meet Our Team

Get to know our crazy, dedicated team of snake charmers, squirrel chasers, and raccoon-corralling cowboys!  Any one of these guys may show up at your house, ready to solve all your wildlife problems safely, humanely, and effectively.

Josh Rines

How do you know Josh is the ultimate outdoor guy?

He got his bachelor's in Wildlife and Fisheries and has been in the biz for a decade now.

What does he do when he's done gently ushering bats out of belfries for the week? He pitches a tent, grabs a pole, and hikes down to the best fishing spot he can find.

Now that's dedication…and a sure sign you can trust him to be humane, too!

Yeyser Cabrera

How did those roof rats find their way into your home? Ask Yeyser, our resident house whisperer.

For the past eight years, Yeyser has been our expert in figuring out all the ingenious ways the various critters we deal with find their way into your attic. Wildlife has nowhere to hide when Yeyser's on the ground!

When Yeyser heads home, he's got three boys who can't wait to hear his wildlife-wrangling story of the day. Maybe they'll become the next generation of wildlife control experts!

Phillip Molis

Phillip is a Wildlife Biologist who has been on the job for over 8 years. He's our wildlife detective, using his deep knowledge to solve our most baffling wildlife mysteries. When we can't figure out where a raccoon or a snake might be hiding, Phillip will find them.

When he's not at work, he's an adventurist, explorer, spelunker, hiker, and waterman. This 4th generation Texan finds plenty of great beautiful natural places to enjoy all over the state!

Guadalupe Martinez

Guadalupe is the son of a carpenter who learned to fish and enjoy wildlife from a very young age, as well as to enjoy working with his hands. He's been on the job for the past 11 years.

Guadalupe is exacting and thorough and never misses a single corner during a home inspection. His experience comes in handy when we encounter truly tough problems on the job!

Mark Browning

Mark is originally from Nashville, TN, and has managed wildlife teams nationwide for over ten years. He has owned Elite Wildlife Services for the past three years.

Nothing surprises him anymore: not ninja possums in chimneys, not teams of squirrels ready to go to war with black walnut projectiles…not even bee ballroom blitzes under kitchen floors.

He's a fishing, hiking, travel, and food enthusiast too, and loves to travel with his wife Heidy Browning whenever he gets the chance.

Heidy Browning

In 2021 Heidy decided to leave her 30-year bank management career so she could join her husband, Mark, on his journey.
She supports this amazing team by serving customers while we wrangle critters, and we appreciate her for it! She's bilingual, which helps us provide even better service to an even wider range of people.

She loves to meet people, create gorgeous social events, and travel with her husband Mark.

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