How to deter raccoons

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Don't want to pay for raccoon removal?The easiest way to avoid needing raccoon removal services is to deter raccoons in the first place.Here are three ways to try to keep raccoons off your property.#1) Restrict Access to FoodLike most urban scavengers, raccoons choose to inhabit properties where they can count

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We've been offering pest control services in the Houston, TX, metro area for many years. We know denial is the first reaction many people have when they start noticing signs that raccoons may be invading the house.People don't want to think about the potential expense of removing raccoons or what

What Attracts Rats to a House?

Rats can enter even the cleanest homes, especially in Houston. Houston is one of America's largest cities, and rats are an inescapable part of city living.Several properties in Houston actively attract rats, which, in turn, brings rats to other homes in the area. Right now, there are more than 3,700

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Houston residents often ask us whether they have rats or mice in their homes. The idea is that rats are a lot more dangerous than mice. There are ways to tell whether you have a rat problem or a mouse problem. Here are four signs we look at. #1) DroppingsRat droppings are

What do Animals in the Attic Sound Like? Elite Wildlife Services is here to solve all your wildlife problems.

Do you hear thumps and bumps in your attic? While you might be in denial—nobody ever wants to think they have a wildlife problem—sounds in your attic almost always mean some creature has moved in. Here's how to tell what you might be dealing with.Heavy FootstepsIf it sounds like someone is walking

How Rats Make You Sick

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Many believe that rats can't make them sick unless they are bitten, scratched, or come into direct contact with rat droppings.Nothing could be further from the truth. Rats in the home can make you ill even if you never see one face-to-face.The Most Common Rodent-Born IllnessHantavirus, or HPS, is the