What Do Bats Hate the Most?

What Do Bats Hate the Most?

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Is there a smell, sound, or condition that can help you keep bats out of your home for good? Do bats hate anything so much that they'll ignore your house and choose a different attic to camp out in?

While bats certainly have preferences, you cannot take DIY measures to get rid of bats once they've decided to roost in your attic.

What about smells?

It's true that rats have a slight aversion to certain smells. But they are even more attracted to places filled with bat guano. They follow those smells to safe roosting locations. If bats are already leaving guano in your attic, the guano will win.

We know you wanted to hear that moth balls, eucalyptus, and peppermint would do the job, and we're sorry to disappoint you! We can't even find evidence that indicates these measures are particularly preventative.

Then again, moth balls are dangerous to pets and children, so perhaps it's for the best.

What about white noise?

It's true bats don't love it. Researchers attached white noise devices to wind turbines in an effort to save the lives of bats who kept flying between the blades.

They did note a slight decrease in bat fatalities but only discovered a roughly 9% difference between treatment and control turbines. Houston has one of the highest bat populations in the world. A 9% reduction isn't going to save your attic, especially if bats are already living there.

What about bright light?

Bats do avoid bright lights, but adding light is not going to be enough unless you want to bathe your entire home in a dome of light 24/7. They'll simply avoid it on their way into your attic.

If you already know where bats are entering and leaving, there are better methods than pointing lights at those spaces.

Exclusion Methods Work

Bats don't hate exclusion methods, but they certainly work. We find all the places bats enter and leave your home, then lay down netting that allows them to leave the home but prevents them from entering it.

That means your entire bat colony leaves your home in a single night and can't get back in. They might hate smelling a safe place they can't get to, but they soon move on. And we'll help you get the guano out of your attic, too.

If you want effective bat removal, call us! We promise it's not nearly as expensive as you fear it is. Ready to get started? Schedule an inspection today.

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