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Grey Squirrels

You won't give them much thought until they set fire to your home.

Squirrels, especially juvenile squirrels, love to chew. If they get into your home, they'll find their way to your wiring. They'll chew the insulation right off, which means sooner or later you could lose your Houston home to a house fire.

Squirrels generally enter the home between spring and fall. The pregnant females chew their ways into hidden areas of your home. To them, these areas look like the perfect spots to bear their young.

These creatures are extremely persistent. They'll need to be trapped and relocated because they'll use their chewing skills to get right back into the home they think of as their own.

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Our goal is to take time to evaluate each customers situation and customize proven results to solve it. If you are looking for a professional solution for your Squirrel Removal needs, please contact us today.

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Grey Squirrels in attics in the Houston area are very common especially starting in September.  This coincides with other rodents and is usually the beginning of their “breeding season” characterized by rodents entering structures that we inhabit.  This season is usually triggered by a change in temperature as we enter the fall season.  Grey Squirrels, like other rodents, enter our structures by either chewing a hole or exploiting an existing construction gap or other weakness.  Grey Squirrels tend to chew larger holes than roof rats but both prefer places that are “hidden” from sight if available.   To distinguish what type of attic rodent you have the first question to ask is what time of day are you hearing the noise.  If the noises are heard at night most likely you are dealing with roof rats or even flying squirrels.  If the noise is heard during the morning hours and then in the evening most likely it is Grey Squirrels.  Other noises associated with Grey Squirrels are gnawing or chewing sounds coming from the attic or on exterior materials, especially wood.  Trim and fascia boards on homes and businesses become the grinding stone for squirrels as they file down their ever growing teeth.  They are also attracted to the rubber and plastic electric wire coverings found in attics which can be extremely hazardous.  If you suspect squirrels in your attic the best move you can make is call a Houston Animal Removal company.  Squirrels can be very determined and squirrel trapping by home and business owners who are not experienced can be dangerous.  This can also lead to squirrels becoming very wary of people and traps and make the removal process more difficult.  Many people attempting to remove squirrels will get on ladders trying to get too hard to reach places and can fall and injure themselves in the process.  Calling someone experienced in this type of removal will usually result in a better, safer outcome for the property owner and for the squirrels.

Grey Squirrels are very common in all of the Houston area so having one in your attic or walls unfortunately is not uncommon.  Squirrels build nests in attics similar to the ones they build in trees with the exception that they use building materials they find in the spaces they reside such as insulation, which makes an ideal nest building material.  Aside from making a mess in the attic with their droppings and urination, they often carry fleas which can quickly spread into the actual home if untreated.  

Grey Squirrels are avid chewers due to their front teeth constantly growing and therefore they constantly chew or grind their teeth down.  This sound of gnawing often gives them away. 

Their young are often responsible for gnawing wires which can usually be found not far from their nests and are the second leading cause for house and building fires. 

If you suspect squirrels in your attic and one of your outdoor lights quits working suddenly it is important to have a certified electrician inspect to make sure there are not any chewed wires in the attic.

First tip we give property owners is to keep landscaping and trees trimmed back from houses and buildings. 

A tree leaning on a roof or a bush up against a house makes and ideal “ladder” for many types of wildlife including insects.  While keeping it trimmed back is not a foolproof means, it does help discourage insects and animals from an east access to our structures. 

Another method is not having bird feeders close to the house.  This constant feeding brings all types of rodents and many other unwanted types of wildlife and greatly increases the risk of a rodent intrusion.  If someone really wants a bird feeder they need to place it as far away from their house or building as possible. 

Lastly, maintaining their home or business and addressing any wood rot or other “entry” right away.  Rodents of all types are waiting to take advantage of any entry point on homes and businesses and become your non-paying tenants! 


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Our goal is to take time to evaluate each customers situation and customize proven results to solve it. If you are looking for a professional solution for any of your wildlife needs, please contact us today.

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