Meet the swarm that brings disease, urine, and other pests straight to your home.

Rats are one of the most common problems for both homes and businesses. They don't care how big or how small the building is. They're happy to work their way into any space where they might make a home. They've even been known to chew through metal and concrete!

They reproduce quickly, forming huge swarms. Each one of those rats carries a pheromone in their fur which leaves a trail for other rodents and predators, who will work their way into the same spaces. 

They usually start appearing in fall and winter. The first thing you'll notice are the sounds in the attic and walls, but their droppings will start causing problems soon enough if you don't respond. They can and will soak your entire building down with the smell of urine even as they decimate your attic.

Rats require a comprehensive removal approach paired with outside population control. The "trap and seal" approach simply isn't strong enough to control a rat problem.


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