EWS: Keeping Crazy Critters Out of Your Den for 10 Years and Counting

The EWS team is a group of passionate professionals dedicated to protecting our customer's homes and businesses from unwanted wildlife. 

Our promises to you:

  • Consistent, transparent communication.
  • Cutting-edge solutions.
  • Trustworthy professionals with extensive experience.
  • Solutions for animals both large and small.
We're locally, privately owned, so our sole focus is making sure you're happy with our results! You'll feel the difference from the moment we show up at your home, because we take the time to evaluate your situation.

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Most common pests: rats! With 2.313 million people, Houston is a rat's paradise, full of all the food, water, and nesting places swarms could possibly ask for. That's why Houstonians need to be extra vigilant about chasing rats out of their homes.
Don't laugh, but bees are the most common pest in Sugarland. And don't get us wrong: bees are great. It's just important for them to do their work in proper hives, so they won't sting humans or bring rats (also a common Sugarland pest).
Don't be surprised to find squirrels and raccoons invading your Cypress home. It's a common problem for many, even in new builds. Protect your business, your home, and your reputation by calling us to help you take care of the problem.
Conroe is a popular place to custom-build homes, but even the newest, snuggest home can get invaded by Texas Wildlife. It only takes one opossum family or swarm of rats to completely ruin all your hard work and financial sacrifice. Protect your home by calling us now.
When you live in a master-planned community like Kingwood the last thing you want is to be known as those neighbors...the ones with all the icky pests soaking their homes or businesses down in urine and feces. Retain the respect of your community and protect your property by calling us today.
Bats love Pearland! They've even invaded some of the local churches, as well as the Brazoria County Courthouse. Bat guano is no bueno, so make sure you call us as soon as you start seeing signs of them.
Beautifully shaded older neighborhoods and stately new builds stand side-by-side in this suburb, but they both attract the same pests: squirrels. Most people don't pay attention to them until they start chewing up the wiring in the attic. Prevent house fires and enjoy your home: contact us for help if you think you have squirrels in your attic.
While Tomball is often considered to be one of the best places to live in Texas, wildlife pests can quickly ruin the experience. Don't let raccoons, rodents, and opossums tear up your home or business. Contact us for help today.
On its surface, Katy is a bustling center for hip restaurants, great shopping, and incredible homes. Under the surface, though, there are swarms of rats trying to get into every home and business they can manage to find. If one of them manages to breach your building's defenses, our team is here to help.



Hi, I'm Mark Browning. I grew up on a farm in rural Tennessee, so I've always had a passion for wildlife, and the outdoors. After all, I was able to experience it firsthand.

Over the past ten years I've been busy training some of the biggest wildlife companies in the United States. I've also been helping Houstonians, leading large-scale residential and commercial wildlife management projects across the state. 

EWS exists because I wanted to take my experience and combine it with my passion while making sure I provided outstanding care both from my customers and for the animals that are pestering them, because we want to be kind to both!

If you're looking for a professional solution for your wildlife problems,
call us today.