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Meyerland might not seem like the ideal place for pests. One might think that a neighborhood located between the Beltway and the Loop might be just a little too urban for them.






The homes are certainly all very nice, and we know every time we go to work there that the people there have worked hard to secure a place in this gorgeous neighborhood.


Yet while the median home values might be at $659,388 and the city may be bustling, rats, raccoons, bats, squirrels, and snakes are still likely to make their way into some Meyerland homes.



Houston has plenty of roof rats, which are especially prevalent within city limits. Migrating bats are also fond of Meyerland homes. They’re not scared of urban environments. Most homeowners have only to look into their yards to know squirrel populations are alive and well!


Even a brand new build home like the ones out in Avondale on Main Street could have small spaces that rodents can exploit. You’d be surprised to know just how small those holes can be! Rats can squeeze and contort their bodies to fit through holes the size of a quarter! There’s no shame if some have found their way into your home.

It’s not just because rats have great taste in housing too. Your attic is the perfect place to raise babies. They can do so, safely, all year round, until there’s an entire swarm up there.




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Attics are warm. They’re dry. They’re safe from predators. They are full of insulation which happens to make ideal nesting material.

Some rats even get lucky, squeezing through vents at night to find a little pet food to snack on, or to steal a few crumbs that got missed in the evening clean-up.

Left to their own devices, city pests will destroy even the nicest of homes. They’ll chew up your insulation, which increases your energy bill. They’ll chew on your wires, increasing fire risks. They’ll die in your walls, creating horrific smells that devalue your home. If they run around outside your attic they’ll stain your walls with greasy rat runs. Their droppings can discolor ceilings and create smells. They carry disease.

Fortunately, we’re real close to Meyerland, and we’re happy to help


Got an emergency situation? We’ll get the pests found and removed, dead and alive. The live ones will be humanely trapped and taken to safety.
More importantly, we’ll work hard to seal up even the tiniest places they might be exploiting, so you never have to worry about them coming back.

We do it all with professionalism and promptness.

If you think you might have a pest problem, don’t delay. Reach out to Elite Wildlife Services today!  



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marvin krasnermarvin krasner
03:31 04 Mar 22
Called them on a Sunday afternoon after hearing raccoons in my attic and Mark, the owner, was at my house within an hour to inspect the damage. Mark found a pregnant raccoon nesting in a corner of my 3rd floor attic and proposed a plan of action to extricate the raccoon and to prevent this from happening again. Elite Wildlife Services had 3 men at my house the next morning and they completed the project by noon on Thursday. The guys were very professional and responsive and left my house raccoon free and sealed so that unwanted critters cannot nest here again.
Balwindar KaurBalwindar Kaur
16:46 31 Dec 21
Josh came out on short notice, on a holiday, and was on time. He did a thorough inspection and was able to find the dead rodent that had caused the house to smell vile! He was very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. I highly recommend him and this company! I will definitely use them again, if needed.
Erica AlfaroErica Alfaro
15:40 28 Dec 21
Yeyser was professional and thorough in his work!
Sam DeVineySam DeViney
23:05 30 Nov 21
Josh was very, very quick to reply to my late-night, online request for an inspection and he was at my house the next day, in the morning! (I prefer to work with companies that actually use modern methods of communication. So many still think the telephone between 8AM and 5PM is the only way to communicate.) Josh accessed the situation and thoroughly explained how he would solve the problem, the warranty and the cost. I agreed and then he started work immediately. For the second visit to my home, he communicated well about the scheduling and he arrived on time. He was professional and efficient, and the cost was reasonable. I am very happy with the service provided by Elite Wildlife Services.
Linnie CheathamLinnie Cheatham
18:43 29 Mar 21
Philip did a great job explaining the process of getting the rats out of our attic and sealing up all the entry points of our old house. He was friendly and courteous! I’ve already recommended their services.

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