Raccoon Removal Services 

They're hungry, destructive, and they carry rabies.

Raccoons have done a good job of adapting to life in the cities.

They're highly intelligent, and they'll hang out until they can scavenge a bite to eat. They can even learn which day the trash will be set out for pick up.


During the spring and summer, these animals will rip through roofs and soffits. There, they'll nest down in your attic to have their young. That's why the first sign of raccoons is usually the sound of "heavy footsteps" in the attic. You might also hear them inside the walls.

Usually, they'll deposit a lot of droppings very quickly, and they'll infest your attic with fleas. Those fleas will happily spread to your pets and to other areas of your home.

If you suspect of raccoons in your attic or home, don't wait, contact us today and request a free consultation. We have helped hundreds of homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas such as Memorial, Bellaire, Meyerland River Oaks, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Cypress, Katy, Pearland, Tomball, Humble, and many more with all their raccoon removal needs. 

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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Raccoon Removal Services in Houston, Texas


This question, we receive from many of our customers and it usually points to a raccoon intrusion.  Raccoons are one of the largest creatures in the Houston area that readily enter attics either for breeding or to take advantage of a warm safe place to sleep in the insulation they find there.  If “heavy’ foot steps are heard, its usually raccoons who are the culprits.  The sound of raccoons in attics and walls are very different from the scratching and scampering of rodents and are in a class of their own.  It is important if you suspect of one or more raccoons in your home or business to contact a professional wildlife company such as Elite Wildlife Services.

Raccoons are a large animal and with that comes larger amounts of urine and feces generally all over the attic.  They can also develop latrines or areas where they go to the bathroom and these areas can quickly show themselves through stains in the drywall.  This is often accompanied by a change in smell in the house, and in certain untreated cases, we have had raccoons fall through from the softening of the drywall causing a huge a mess and expense for the homeowner.  If you suspect a raccoon has taken up refuge in your attic, it is important to act fast and call a reputable raccoon removal company in your area.

Heavy footsteps especially at night can be a dead give away.  In the spring, noises in the attic along with crying or chattering noises can come from a female that has given birth and is very common.  Our insulation makes a wonderful nursery material.  Other signs include a change in smell in the home and staining. 

One important item to note is that after getting raccoons out of your attic, it is important to also treat for fleas.  Most raccoons have fleas and when they are removed from a home the remaining fleas left in your attic have nothing to feed on and will enter the home in search of a blood meal from a resident or pet.  At Elite Wildlife Services, we take the time to investigate and recommend sanitation and pest services so our customers are not left with a flea problem.

Raccoon trapping services should not cost more than $200- $300.  That is typically not how a raccoon removal project goes because there is generally more than one raccoon to remove, unless it is just one getting into the trash outside.  Most raccoon removal jobs we perform consist of a raccoon ripping a large hole or holes in soffits and roofs. 

They can also enter from underneath the home if the house is not sealed from the bottom or if its elevated.  We can trap the raccoons in the attic or exclude (through the use of one-way door) on the main entry point, but we need to seal other entry points as well.  Each situation is unique and we customize a plan to fit each customer’s situation so costs can differ as each situation will be different. 

At Elite Wildlife Services, we offer a complimentary inspection where we can provide each client a customized plan to fit most budgets.  This inspection comes with our consultation and recommendations and there is never pressure to purchase.

In most cases, raccoons will not leave on their own. Our homes and attics provide an almost temperature controlled environment that is usually more comfortable for wildlife than they can find in nature. 

Combine that with an abundant amount of nesting material the insulation they find there provides and you have a recipe for an unwanted, permanent tenant that doesn’t pay rent. 

I am often asked if sonic devices will repel raccoons and sadly they do not, as the animals can tolerate the sound in exchange for the benefits the environment they find provides. If raccoons are suspected, it is important to call a wildlife company such as Elite Wildlife Services to remove them correctly. 

If not addressed, raccoons can be one of the most destructive and costliest problems we can have in our homes. Not to mention, many raccoons have rabies, bringing on even more danger to the wellbeing of our families. 

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