Can Rats Really Climb into Houston, TX Toilets?

Can Rats Really Climb into Houston, TX Toilet? | Rat Removal | Rodent Control | Rat Exterminator in Houston | Elite Wildlife Services

When you hear “rats in toilets” you probably think you’re hearing a myth. After all, it’s not a common occurrence. But Houston is one of the largest (and rattiest) cities in the world. Many Houston residents have walked into their bathrooms only to find an unwelcome, furry visitor staring up […]

What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Rodent Infestations?

Removal Services - Rat Removal - Rat Exterminator - Elite Wildlife Services

Dealing with a rodent infestation? Squirrels, rats, and mice, all rodents that love being in our homes. Why wouldn’t they? It’s warm, it’s dry, and they’re steady sources of food and things to chew.We, of course, do not love having rodents in our home. They’re fire hazards because they take […]

Wildlife Removal in The Woodlands

Wildlife Removal in The Woodlands, Texas - Elite Wildlife Services

Many people enjoy living in The Woodlands because it puts them right next door to the 1800-acre George Mitchell Nature Preserve. While you might enjoy being able to spot various creatures when you visit the Preserve, the last place you want them is in your home or business.It’s not unusual […]

What You Need to know about Rodent Removal Services

Removal Services - Rat Removal - Rat Exterminator - Elite Wildlife Services

Nobody has to be convinced to get rats out of the house. The first sight of a fat, nasty rodent with a long pink tail is usually enough to send most people running for solutions. Fast ones!Yet the signs of rats appear long before you’ll ever see the rats themselves. […]

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