Can Rats Really Climb into Houston, TX Toilets?

Can Rats Really Climb into Houston, TX Toilets?

Can Rats Really Climb into Houston, TX Toilet? | Rat Removal | Rodent Control | Rat Exterminator in Houston | Elite Wildlife Services

When you hear “rats in toilets” you probably think you’re hearing a myth. After all, it’s not a common occurrence.

But Houston is one of the largest (and rattiest) cities in the world. Many Houston residents have walked into their bathrooms only to find an unwelcome, furry visitor staring up at them from the last place they’d ever want to encounter one.


How do rats end up in Houston toilets?

Rats really do live in the sewers, which offer a safe environment and an abundant source of food for them. 

Sewers and toilets connect through the pipes, and rats are inquisitive little creatures. They sometimes end up in toilets just because they’re looking for new places to explore, find food, or breed.

They can easily crawl and swim through the pipes. The natural oil that exists in a rat’s fur acts as a life vest, making them buoyant. A rat is also a capable swimmer who can tread water for up to three days. 

They can also hold their breath for up to three minutes. That’s usually more than enough time to swim up to the U-bend in your toilet, where they can take a quick air break before continuing on.

They can then squeeze and contort their body through the bend simply because of their uncanny ability to collapse their own ribs. This is the same ability that makes it possible for rats to squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter when finding their way through the foundation cracks and on into your home. 


What should you do if you find a rat in your toilet?

Close the lid. You’re going to want to trap the rat in there. If the rat gets into your house, it will spread its scent everywhere, attracting other rats.

Next, grab the dish soap. Open the lid just enough to squirt dish soap into the toilet bowl. This will dissolve enough of the oil in the rat’s fur to make it difficult for it to float.

You can then start flushing the toilet, which might flush the rat back into the sewer system.

If this doesn’t work, call us. We can get your rat out of your toilet in a humane way. Don’t resort to traps or poisons, as this could result in the rat escaping into your walls and dying there. A dead rat can render your home unlivable. 


When is it time to call a Houston rodent control company?

One rat in the toilet doesn’t indicate a rat problem in your home unless it gets loose or unless you can’t get rid of it yourself. 

However, if you’re hearing scratching, shrieking, or thumping, there’s a good chance rats are in your walls and in your attic. Those rats didn’t have to go on any sewer adventures…they came from your yard and found their way into your home the old fashioned way.

Call us for an inspection and to take care of your rat problem! Remember, rats can do a lot of damage and breed very quickly. It’s smart to take care of the problem as quickly as you possibly can. 

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