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What Do Bats Hate the Most?

Is there a smell, sound, or condition that can help you keep bats out of your home for good? Do bats hate anything so much that they’ll ignore your house and choose a different attic to camp out in?While bats certainly have preferences, you cannot take DIY measures to get

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3 Bat Prevention Tips - Bat Removal Experts - Elite Wildlife Services in Houston, TX

3 Bat Prevention Tips

If there’s anything Texas has plenty of, it’s bats. They’ve even become a local tourist attraction. We love to see them in the night sky, but nobody loves to have them in their home. Here are a few ways to keep bats in nature where they belong. #1) Enlist Help from

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Bat Removal Services in The Woodlands, Texas - Residential Bat Removal - Commercial Bat Removal - Elite Wildlife Services

Bat Removal in The Woodlands

There are ten species of bats inhabiting the Woodlands area:  The Eastern Red Bat The Seminole Bat The Hoary Bat The Northern Yellow Bat The Big Brown Bat The Evening Bat The Eastern Pipistrelle The Silver-Haired Bat The Free-tailed Bat On certain nights in the area you can see hundreds

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How to make your home less attractive to bats - Bat Removal Houston - Elite Wildlife Services

How to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Bats

While the team at Elite Wildlife Services is happy to provide you with humane bat removal services, it’s always nice when we can keep them out of your house in the first place. In addition, once you’ve paid for creature removal the last thing you want to do is see

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