A Whole Colony of Bats takes Over a Corpus Christi Parking Garage

A Whole Colony of Bats takes Over a Corpus Christi Parking Garage

Bat Colony in Texas - Elite Wildlife Services

Imagine trying to park your car only to see thousands of bats crowded up in the rafters. They swarm like a big black mass in every corner they can find.

If you go to Sunrise Mall in Corpus Christi, you won't have to imagine it. That's exactly what's happened.

While these bats aren't likely to attack they are no doubt an unsettling sight. The real danger has little to do with attack anyway. It has everything to do with guano and rabies that are a threat to the health of business owners and customers alike. Nobody's using Sunrise Mall right now, according to news sources, but not every business is lucky enough to be so deserted before bats move in.

And yes, when a colony moves in, there tend to be hundreds, even thousands of bats to contend with.

The last thing your customers want is to have to scrape bat guano off their cars! The strong ammonia smell and piles of poo in your garage aren't going to endear you to your clientele, either. Keep in mind that inhaling minute spores found in bat guano causes histoplasmosis as well, so if you've got bats you've got a serious liability problem on your hands. 

There's a reason why we strap on respirators when we decide to start dealing with bats.

Why are bats attracted to parking garages?

Because they're just like caves in the wild. They're dark. They're cool. They have lots of places for bats to get into and out of. They block out the light during the day. They're full of crevices. Water even tends to pool and puddle in them after rainstorms, which means they're a good source for two things bats need: the water itself, and the insects that are attracted to the water. 

Bats - An Endangered Species

Bats are an endangered species and are protected under Texas law. They may not be hunted, poisoned, killed, possessed, purchased, or sold. However, they may be moved or trapped, and that's where we come in.

Our Bat Removal Process

This is anything but a small job when dealing with a parking garage. We have to seal up every point of egress, save one. We use nets at first so we can get rid of the bats fast; later we'll get in there and seal up those little openings permanently. 

We then find the main roosting point and install a valve above it. That's a one way door. Bats can get out to hunt, but they can't get back in. 

Once they realize they can't get back in they fly off, and because all of the other openings are sealed they eventually disappear. It's humane and it's easy; they are perfectly capable of finding more suitable lodgings on their own.

Then you can get on with the business of hiring a commercial cleaning company to get in there after them. 

It's a tough job, but it's gotta get done. Don't let bats ruin your Houston, TX business. Contact Elite Wildlife to get help today.

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