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Attic damaged by a wildlife invasion and homeowner's insurance denying the claim.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Wildlife Damage?

Many homeowners we talk to don’t worry about a squirrel or bat infestation nearly as much as they should. In the back of their minds, they believe that homeowner’s insurance will pay for any damage these critters cause. Check your policy again, though, because most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover

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Myths About Wildlife Removal and Prevention

Myths About Wildlife Removal and Prevention When you buy your first home, you already know to think about water heater failures, electrical problems, and paint jobs. Most people aren’t trained to consider the possibility of developing a nuisance wildlife problem.As a result, many people believe some pretty damaging myths about wildlife

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Raccoons Cause Two Texas Power Outages | Raccoon Removal Services | Elite Wildlife Services

Raccoons Cause Two Texas Power Outages

In Seguin, TX, raccoons caused two power outages this October by getting into substation transformers. This isn’t the first time a raccoon has ever gotten into a transformer. Out in Colorado, a raccoon once caused a 7-acre wildfire doing the same thing. There were instances in New Mexico where raccoons caused

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Bird trapped in net

Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the methods we use for humane pest control. It’s good for more than birds!Bird netting is a heavy-duty polyethylene or polypropylene net that can be installed across egresses that animals use to get into attics, parking garages, and other structures. Keeping animals out is, after

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