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Are There Bats in Your Houston, TX Home or Business?

Are There Bats in Your Houston, TX Home or Business?

Bats in your home or business | How to get rid of bats in Houston | Elite Wildlife Services

Bats are one of the worst infestations you can get in your home or business. 

They’re gentle, and will never attack you, but they’re still problematic. 

As the recent Covid-19 pandemic has shown us, bats carry a multitude of diseases. In fact, they carry more dangerous viruses than any other species. This includes Ebola, rabies, and histoplasmosis. 

Many of the viruses that bats carry target the upper respiratory systems. They threaten the lives and health of both your family members and your pets. 

Bats also leave a great deal of damage in their wake, mostly as a result of urine and feces. That can devalue your home or make your business extremely unpleasant for customers to visit. 

Here are the signs you might have a bat problem.

You see bats on the property.

Bats don’t fly too far from the roost. If you see a lot of bats flying around your home or business around dusk, there’s a good chance they’ve invaded your attic or parking garage. 

Unexplained odors.

Bats aren’t trained for litter boxes, and they aren’t too particular about their droppings. That means lots of strange smells. Ammonia is likely to be the strongest smell, but any unexplained smell should prompt concern.

You see droppings.

Bats love parking garages. If you have a parking garage in your business you might start getting customer complaints about bat droppings on cars. Yet homeowners see them too: on sidewalks, on driveways, on cars. 

You hear weird noises.

High pitched squeaking and squealing? The house isn’t “settling,” the bats are talking to one another. If the sounds aren’t normal they could be bats—or any other critter or creature that you don’t want living in your home or business.

You see greasy holes.

The holes that bats use to get into building tend to build up with greasy residue as their fur and wings rub against them. 

If you’ve got bat problems, we can help.

Don’t try to handle bats yourself. They’re a protected species, and it’s imperative that you avoid trapping, killing, or poisoning them. .

Our team serves homes and businesses in Houston, the Woodlands, River Oaks, Bellaire, Meyerland, and Memorial. We offer humane bat removal. Best of all, we work hard to make sure the bats can never get back into your home or business ever again. We make sure all the points of egress are found and blocked off. 

Don’t let bats run rampant over your property. Contact us to schedule an inspection today.


Our goal is to take time to evaluate each customers situation and customize proven results to solve it. If you are looking for a professional solution for your Bat Removal needs, please contact us today.

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