Bat Removal in The Woodlands

Bat Removal in The Woodlands

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There are ten species of bats inhabiting the Woodlands area: 

On certain nights in the area you can see hundreds of them taking flight, off to look for food. With so many flitting about it's little wonder that they eventually end up in our homes and businesses.

When they get into buildings they are not harmless. Instead, they cause disease and a great deal of damage to almost any structure they get into. It's important to protect your investments by handling bats the right way.

Here's what you need to know.

Bat Houses Don't Help Prevent Bats

Sorry: you can't keep bats out of your home by building them a more attractive habitat.

Bat houses are certainly a good idea if you want to help threatened bat populations. Bats just can't exercise any discernment that might make them say: oh, that house is for me, so I'll stay out of this person's attic.

Instead, some bats will roost in the bat house and then other bats will arrive. If your home is accessible, some of them will go roost in your attic.

In fact, you should be very careful about putting up a bat house or encouraging bats in any other way if you have not yet taken steps to make your home inaccessible to them. 

They Are Gentle and Beneficial When They Stay Outside

You don't want to go the other extreme wherein you start murdering bats with traps and lures and poisons. Bats have a lot going for them.

They eat insects, including mosquitos. They are seed-dispensers and pollinators, which means they're vital to our food-bearing ecosystems. They are gentle little animals and are about as clean as any wild animal ever is.

They're also endangered because a lot of people kill bats thanks to old superstitions that say they're dangerous, aggressive, or evil animals. 

We don't want to contribute to their endangerment. We just want to prevent them from doing damage to your home. 

Humane Bat Removal Solves the Problem

Here at Elite Wildlife Services, we help the home and business owners in the Woodlands seal off the areas that bats might use to access their homes. We then trap and remove bats safely, putting them somewhere they can do some good while preventing them from doing any more damage.

If you think you might have bats in your home, don't panic, don't reach for poison, and don't waste your money on "bat deterrents" that don't work.

Call us to take them out of your home or office so that you can get back to living a happy, bat-free lifestyle. 

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