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Bat Removal in Katy, TX -Bat Removal Near Me - Elite Wildlife Services

Bat Removal and Exclusion in Katy, TX: Protecting Your Home and Business

Katy, TX, and the neighboring Cinco Ranch area are known for their vibrant communities, excellent schools, and beautiful parks. However, the lush environment and suburban charm also attract various wildlife, including bats. While bats are essential for controlling insect populations, they can become a significant nuisance and pose health risks

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Bat Removal Services in The Woodlands, Texas - Residential Bat Removal - Commercial Bat Removal - Elite Wildlife Services

Bat Removal in The Woodlands

There are ten species of bats inhabiting the Woodlands area:  The Eastern Red Bat The Seminole Bat The Hoary Bat The Northern Yellow Bat The Big Brown Bat The Evening Bat The Eastern Pipistrelle The Silver-Haired Bat The Free-tailed Bat On certain nights in the area you can see hundreds

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