3 Bat Prevention Tips

3 Bat Prevention Tips

3 Bat Prevention Tips - Bat Removal Experts - Elite Wildlife Services in Houston, TX

If there's anything Texas has plenty of, it's bats. They've even become a local tourist attraction.

We love to see them in the night sky, but nobody loves to have them in their home. Here are a few ways to keep bats in nature where they belong. 

#1) Enlist Help from a Scare-Owl

Mount a fake, plastic owl as high as possible, somewhere on or near your roof. Bats want to roots in your attic, so making them think a predator is nearby can help.

Here's the catch: they'll eventually ignore a stationary "owl," so you'll have to move it once every season to ensure they stay afraid of it.


#2) Swap Exterior Lights

Bats eat bugs. So if you can attract fewer bugs, you can attract fewer bats, too.

Regular white outdoor bulbs will bring plenty of bugs. Yellow ones attract less.

Don't go with a bug zapper. The blue light draws the bugs in for zapping. That's great for killing yard mosquitoes, but anyone who has ever seen one can tell you they're coated in dead bugs. It's like advertising an all-you-can-eat bat-food buffet. 


#3) Keep Egress Holes Plugged

A good half of the work that we do involves finding tiny egress holes and plugging them. Bats only need a hole that's ⅜" in diameter to squeeze through, so this can be a challenge.

You can stay on top of it by plugging any you happen to find yourself. Anybody can miss one, but there's no need to leave one that you've already located. 

If you have a chimney, install stainless steel chimney caps with a
wire mesh covering. The chimney serves as a sort of bat superhighway straight to your attic. Don't leave it open for them. 

If you want to be absolutely sure you're getting them all, you can watch the house at dusk to see if bats are entering or exiting through any point on your home. If you realize you've got bats in your attic, though, it's time to call us. 

Have You Already Lost the Bat Battle?

Just call us. The team at Elite Wildlife Services has expertise in finding every nook and cranny that bats use to enter a Texas home and heavy-duty bird netting that keeps them away.

We also know how to get bats out of your home humanely, safely, and in accordance with Texas law. 

Why be driven batty when you can call us to schedule an inspection? 



Our goal is to take time to evaluate each customers situation and customize proven results to solve it. If you are looking for a professional solution for your Bat Removal needs, please contact us today.

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