What You Need to know about Rodent Removal Services

What You Need to know about Rodent Removal Services

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Nobody has to be convinced to get rats out of the house. The first sight of a fat, nasty rodent with a long pink tail is usually enough to send most people running for solutions. Fast ones!

Yet the signs of rats appear long before you'll ever see the rats themselves. Usually this comes in the form of droppings and smells. There may also be stains from the rat's fur, or holes chewed through walls, floors, and food packages.


Whatever your warning sign was the next step is to get rid of them fast, before they start spreading disease.

The first thing we have to do is figure out how rodents are getting into your house in the first place. This allows us to block off their entry points. From there, we use humane bait and traps to get all of the rodents humanely captured for removal. We take them far from your property and release them into the wild where they won’t be harmed or do harm.

Sealing up all the entry points can help, but there are things you can do as well.
For example, many people get rats or rodents because they don’t do a good job of keeping outdoor garbage bins secured. This attracts them in the first place. Then they target the attic, where insulation and a lack of human traffic provides them with a warm, dry nesting environment.

If you feed birds then you need to use a feeder basket and reduce the amount of food you’re using. Try to put in just enough to feed the birds during the day, ensuring nothing at all is left behind at night.

Rodent control can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 for an average sized home. We’re coming in, investigating every nook and cranny, getting everything sealed off, and getting the rodents trapped and removed.
We also provide additional services. For example, we can also assist with sanitizing, cleaning up and fixing the damage the rats have done. We also guarantee that when we come to your house, those pesky rodents don’t come back.

You don’t even have to adopt a cat to keep them away.

Stop the swarm before it gets any worse. Contact us sooner than later and request a free home inspection today!


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