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How Bats Get Into Businesses

How Bats Get Into Businesses

High Rise Bat Removal - How to get rid of bats in your business - Expert technician completing a commercial bat removal project at a high rise building located in the inner loop of Houston, Texas.

In a previous post, we described how we help businesses get rid of bat colonies.  However, if you want to run a bat-free office or store, you need to know what attracts bats to your business in the first place. 

Here are a few things to know and watch out for.


Unused Spaces Attract Bats

Do you have a large, unused space in your building? Bats will see that as ideal real estate where they can set up their colony and live in peace.

Large, empty office rooms, wide ducts, and forgotten storage spaces are all up for grabs in a bat’s mind. Bats are running out of natural places to roost and aren’t capable of constructing new ones. 

So, they turn to artificial roosts so they can have safe places to hibernate and reproduce. 


Bats Exploit Small Openings

Are there openings in your business builder that are larger than ½”? ½” is all bats need to wriggle their way inside a building or a parking garage.

The good news is once you seal or block these openings, they can’t make more of them. Bats aren’t big chewers like raccoons are. They can’t create new holes. They can only exploit holes that are already there. 

Most of those small openings are up on the roof of your commercial building, where they’re easy to miss. 


Bats Love Sun-Exposed Buildings

Bats conserve energy by sleeping during the day, using that time to warm their bodies. 

An exposed building exterior that gets plenty of sunshine during the day can help make them nice and warm, saving them plenty of energy. In many ways, a good, warm building is even better for them than a natural cave. 

You can’t exactly move your building to prevent bats, but you can be aware that your building is especially attractive. This will allow you to take the necessary steps to locate and eliminate a bat problem before they start filling your ducts with urine and guano. 


Bats Are Easy to Miss

Bats are especially easy to miss in commercial buildings because they’re asleep while humans are working inside the building. They become active at night when all but the most die-hard workaholics generally leave for the day. 

Commercial business owners should schedule a bat inspection every year, especially in Houston, which has an unusually high bat population. 


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We’re your friendly neighborhood bat control company. We’re happy to perform an inspection and help you remove a bat problem if it’s infested your commercial building.

Call 832-727-9181 to get help today. 


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