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Are Household Pets Effective at Rat Control?

Many Houston homeowners try to control rat infestations with household pets like dogs and cats.  While it’s true that cats and certain types of dogs are natural rodent hunters, the reality of attempting to use pets for rat control is a little more complex.   Many domesticated animals won’t hunt.

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Can House Rats Hurt You?

People have been dealing with rat infestations as long as there have been cities. Rats enjoy living close to where the people are.

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Are Rats Dangerous? Rat Removal Services - What You Need To Know - Elite Wildlife Services

Are Rats Dangerous?

Rats are some of the most dangerous creatures you can have in your home. They carry disease, cause structure damage, and can even cause fires by chewing through the wires in your attic.  Even if a rat doesn’t bite or scratch you directly they can still harm your health. Their urine

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