Raccoon trapping services should not cost more than $200- $300.  That is typically not how a raccoon removal project goes because there is generally more than one raccoon to remove, unless it is just one getting into the trash outside.  Most raccoon removal jobs we perform consist of a raccoon ripping a large hole or holes in soffits and roofs. 

They can also enter from underneath the home if the house is not sealed from the bottom or if its elevated.  We can trap the raccoons in the attic or exclude (through the use of one-way door) on the main entry point, but we need to seal other entry points as well.  Each situation is unique and we customize a plan to fit each customer’s situation so costs can differ as each situation will be different. 

At Elite Wildlife Services, we offer a complimentary inspection where we can provide each client a customized plan to fit most budgets.  This inspection comes with our consultation and recommendations and there is never pressure to purchase.

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