First tip we give property owners is to keep landscaping and trees trimmed back from houses and buildings. 

A tree leaning on a roof or a bush up against a house makes and ideal “ladder” for many types of wildlife including insects.  While keeping it trimmed back is not a foolproof means, it does help discourage insects and animals from an east access to our structures. 

Another method is not having bird feeders close to the house.  This constant feeding brings all types of rodents and many other unwanted types of wildlife and greatly increases the risk of a rodent intrusion.  If someone really wants a bird feeder they need to place it as far away from their house or building as possible. 

Lastly, maintaining their home or business and addressing any wood rot or other “entry” right away.  Rodents of all types are waiting to take advantage of any entry point on homes and businesses and become your non-paying tenants! 


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