Commercial Services

Dead animal removal

Its hard to operate a business with a dead animal smell. We use the most cutting edge tools to locate and remove the animal and the smell.

Rodent control and exclusion on large buildings

Proven systems and barriers for businesses and buildings no matter the size.

Large insulation services

Attic and wall insulation removal and chemical sanitation for businesses.

Large bird netting jobs including laser netting

Warrantied bird net solutions taking away roosting spots for all types of birds. Laser netting can sometimes solve even the most challenging commercial bird situations.

Commercial Bird Netting Project in Houston, TX by Elite Wildlife Services

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Commercial Bird Netting - Elite Wildlife Services

Multi-story bat removal and exclusion

We have successfully sealed multi-story buildings sealing weep holes in brick and cracks. Houston’s many multilevel concrete parking garages are sources for bats.

Large scale snake fencing

Customized snake barriers for businesses and power grids.


Outside rodent control

Controlling the population is key. We use locked (dog and cat proof) stations around the property to control the outside rodent population.

Trapping and removal (all animals)

We apply different traps and lengths of time to control the critters that invade your property.

Exclusion repairs

We apply different traps and lengths of time to control the critters that invade your property. We customize materials to seal areas of your home where animals get in and also where they can go next.

Skirting foundations (off grid homes/buildings)

We seal from bottom of structure into ground to eliminate entry under homes using warrantied materials.

Pigeon control in homes/buildings

We possess a wide array of products to deter and prevent entry.

Bird netting

Warrantied bird barrier using the best materials available.

Snake fencing

Fencing designed to deter and prevent snakes from entering property.

Feral hog control

Trapping and removing feral hogs that are destroying property.

Bat exclusion and remediation

sealing homes where bats enter and cleaning/sanitizing what they have left behind.

Dead animal removal

Locating and removal of dead animal and deodorization/chemically sanitizing area and treatment of ectoparasites.

Attic chemical sanitation

Chemically sanitizing attics rendering bacteria harmless.

Mosquito systems

Options from monthly to mosquito systems installed.

Insulation removal / replacement

Removal of soiled or contaminated insulation and replacement.

Gutter guard systems

Installed and we can color match in most cases, never clean gutters again!


High pitch noises could indicate that bats have entered your home through many areas including construction gaps.  Their high pitch chirping many times give them away.  Bats, being federally protected, can only be removed by sealing the entire structure(any openings ¼” or larger) and installing one-way valves to allow them to naturally exit the structure.  After their exit is completed a full investigation into the guano or bat droppings needs to be thorough and chemically sanitized if it cannot be removed.

A very common problem we deal with often is a foul odor or dead animal smell in homes.  There are many ways an animal can enter a home and often they can be sick and die in areas that are not easily accessible.  We have many tools to locate these smells and target small areas to remove what is causing the odors.  Commonly rodents die in walls and attics and can be a sign of an infestation that has or is occurring.

 Dry plumbing traps are sometimes that cause of a recent smell change when someone has not been in a home for sometime.  All too often when a home goes quiet wildlife cease this opportunity to enter the home causing a smell change.  A quick home inspect by a qualified wildlife company can uncover if this has happened and develop a custom strategy to remediate the problem.  Ignoring the problem will almost always cause the situation to become costlier and can sometimes lead to unforeseen issues such as a flea infestation.

A wide array of animals feed on things in our water and manicured yards including armadillos and raccoons.  If the damage is extensive in a large area quickly it is most likely feral hogs.  Armadillos can be annoying digging holes in yards and landscaping but can also pose larger problems with their burrows under foundations and sidewalks/driveways.  Feral hog damage usually does not go away on its own and requires professional removal.

 Snakes, unfortunately for people who fear them, are a common animal that lives in and around Houston.  A surge in snake sightings is normal if it is spring and just warmed but if it continues it can be the sign of an underlying issue.  Snakes are predators that feed on insects, lizards and rats and a heavy snake presence can be a sign of a rodent intrusion.  Rodents carry a pheromone in the oil in their fur that snakes follow and sometimes unintentionally enter homes to feed.  A full home inspection is a good idea if snake sightings become common around your home.

Many types of wildlife carry fleas on them and if they are using your home for nesting or protection can cause a problem.  If the animal has access through a hole to your attic or crawlspace and flea problem can develop rather quickly.  As the animal is inside the fleas will come off and sit in the building materials around where the animals sleeps.  As they return the fleas will jump back on the animal and feed.  Overtime the fleas reproduce and will hatch by “movement” in home and can become a serious problem.  One time treatments and foggers usually don’t do the trick and the need for a more comprehensive solution is the key to overcoming fleas.

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