Essential Steps for Rat-Proofing Your Houston Home


Essential Steps for Rat-Proofing Your Houston HomeNobody wants rats in their house.But rats are drawn to big cities like Houston. In fact, Houston is ranked among the “rattiest” cities in the United States. If you don’t take steps to address the rat threat, you’ll probably end up with rats in your […]

How Rats Make You Sick

How rats can make you sick - Elite Wildlife Services

Many believe that rats can’t make them sick unless they are bitten, scratched, or come into direct contact with rat droppings.Nothing could be further from the truth. Rats in the home can make you ill even if you never see one face-to-face.The Most Common Rodent-Born IllnessHantavirus, or HPS, is the […]

Can the Right Insulation Stop a Rat Problem?

Rat in Attic

There are several insulation brands that claim to be rodent-resistant. Both foam insulations and cellulose insulation both say that they are rat-proof, but sadly it isn’t so. There is no such thing as an insulation which actively repels or prevents rats.Even insulation that contains boric acid just can’t get the […]

Are Rats Dangerous?

Are Rats Dangerous? Rat Removal Services - What You Need To Know - Elite Wildlife Services

Rats are some of the most dangerous creatures you can have in your home. They carry disease, cause structure damage, and can even cause fires by chewing through the wires in your attic.  Even if a rat doesn’t bite or scratch you directly they can still harm your health. Their urine […]

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