Essential Steps for Rat-Proofing Your Houston Home

Essential Steps for Rat-Proofing Your Houston Home


Essential Steps for Rat-Proofing Your Houston Home

Nobody wants rats in their house.

But rats are drawn to big cities like Houston. In fact, Houston is ranked among the "rattiest" cities in the United States. 

If you don't take steps to address the rat threat, you'll probably end up with rats in your home. And no, getting a cat is not enough.

While we're happy to come and remove your rats for us, we're also happy to provide tips on how to avoid a rat problem.

Seal Entry Points

This is the biggest preventative measure you can take—and the most difficult. Rats can squeeze through an opening no bigger than a quarter, so finding every last gap, crack, or hole can be challenging.

Cauling isn't enough. You'll also need wire mesh to block some entry points. It's important to install weatherstripping under doors and repair damaged screens. 

This is one of the services we provide for our customers, so if you don't fancy the idea of getting down on your hands and knees to peer at every potential crack in your baseboards, go ahead and call us. 

Switch to Lockable Trash Cans

Rats can easily knock a lid off a trash can, and your outdoor trashcans are a gateway drug to rats. First, they come close to the house to dig through your trash, and then they realize there's more food inside and come in to find it. 

Lockable trash cans seal in smells more effectively and remove the temptation. They also encourage family members to avoid overfilling the trashcan, which can be the greatest challenge of all.

If you regularly run out of room in your outdoor cans long before garbage day arrives, we suggest getting one or two more. 

Trim Back Your Trees

Trees and shrubs can be a superhighway for rodents, including rats and squirrels. They run right from the trees into your attic. 

Trim them back to remove the temptation and keep their pathways limited to outdoor zones where they'll do the least harm. 

Watch Your Water Bill

Did your water bill suddenly shoot up? You might have a hidden leak somewhere in your home, so you've just opened up the neighborhood's newest rat water fountain.

Rats need fresh water sources like any other creature and are adept at smelling out hidden pipe leaks. Call plumbers promptly to avoid tempting them into your walls. 

Call Us When You Need Us

Despite all the best efforts, rats sometimes find their way inside your home and start breeding. When that happens, prevention stops helping. 

When that happens, calling Elite Wildlife Services is the best way to handle your rat problem fast. We thoroughly inspect and build a customized solution to help you manage your rat problem.

We can even help you keep rats out of your home for good.

Ready to get started? Call 832-727-9181 today. 



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