What is the average cost for bat removal and guano removal?

Though it will be different based on each situation, average costs for dealing with a bat colony in a home ranges from $400 to over $9000 for very large or extensive infestations. Commercially, these costs can run even higher based on several factors such as the height of structures and […]

Is guano harmful if left in a structure and should it be removed?

Aside from the heavy smell left over from a bat colony guano itself can be harmful to humans and animals if left in a structure. Bats can carry histoplasmosis and it is transmitted in the lungs via spores after the guano is disturbed in some manner, typically through clean-up or […]

What is guano and how can I tell it apart from mouse droppings?

Guano is another term for bat excrement. It is similar in shape and size of mouse droppings and can be easily confused. Guano is easy to determine with a flashlight or other lighting means. If you crush it with a gloved hand and shine a light on the material left […]

Are bats protected in Texas?

Yes! Bats are protected by federal and state laws because they are deemed environmentally important. One bat can consume up to 1200 mosquito sized bugs in one hour. That’s almost 10,000 bugs a night. It is estimated that some of the largest colonies of these bats consume 250 tons of […]

Where do Houston bats come from?

Although there are 11 species of bats that either reside or migrate through Houston, most bats that people will encounter in their Houston home or property are Mexican Free-Tailed bats. As the name suggests, they migrate back to Mexico to ride out winter in caves. However, if they find a […]

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