Squirrels are only a problem when they find their way into your house. We focus on blocking squirrel access to your home. | Elite Wildlife Services

If squirrels are only in your yard, they may not be a problem at all. In fact, squirrels can serve a vital ecological function. They take seeds and bury them. Unlike some animals, squirrels aren't quite so adept at remembering where they stored all their treasures. They'll successfully dig some back up

Can You Shoot Squirrels in Houston?

If you're within the city limits, you can't shoot any animal at all. That goes for squirrels, raccoons, and any other critter you might find in your house or yard, even if you're using a .22 or other small caliber firearm.  Yet squirrels are a game animal. They are ubiquitous prey

Raccoons Cause Two Texas Power Outages | Raccoon Removal Services | Elite Wildlife Services

In Seguin, TX, raccoons caused two power outages this October by getting into substation transformers.  This isn't the first time a raccoon has ever gotten into a transformer. Out in Colorado, a raccoon once caused a 7-acre wildfire doing the same thing. There were instances in New Mexico where raccoons

Raccoons at Houston Apartment Complex | Raccoons invade commercial property in Houston | Elite Wildlife Services

Sunnyside Apartments should call us. Based on what's being said in recent news stories, there could be 50 to 100 raccoons on that property. They've apparently been there for more than a year.ABC 13 recently ran a story about raccoons at the complex. Residents are seeing three to six raccoons

Flying Squirrels in Houston | Houston Squirrel Removal | How to get rid of squirrels | Elite Wildlife Services

Another squirrel species has shown up in the Houston Metro Area: flying squirrels. Gray squirrels or Eastern fox squirrels are a lot more common, but people are seeing more of the flying variety.Flying squirrels can glide from 150 to 500 feet. They sail from tree to tree to avoid predators,

Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Are Raccoons dangerous? | Raccoon Removal Services Houston | Elite Wildlife Services

Raccoons are sometimes fun to watch, at least if you're viewing them in a zoo, or seeing them in the yard some distance from your house. When you're up close and personal, they're a little less fun.Here's what you need to know if you have a close encounter with a