Will raccoons just leave on their own?

In most cases, raccoons will not leave on their own. Our homes and attics provide an almost temperature controlled environment that is usually more comfortable for wildlife than they can find in nature.  Combine that with an abundant amount of nesting material the insulation they find there provides and you […]

How much does it cost to remove a raccoon in Houston?

Raccoon trapping services should not cost more than $200- $300.  That is typically not how a raccoon removal project goes because there is generally more than one raccoon to remove, unless it is just one getting into the trash outside.  Most raccoon removal jobs we perform consist of a raccoon […]

What are signs I may have a raccoon in my home?

Heavy footsteps especially at night can be a dead give away.  In the spring, noises in the attic along with crying or chattering noises can come from a female that has given birth and is very common.  Our insulation makes a wonderful nursery material.  Other signs include a change in […]

I hear something walking in my attic, what could it be?

This question, we receive from many of our customers and it usually points to a raccoon intrusion.  Raccoons are one of the largest creatures in the Houston area that readily enter attics either for breeding or to take advantage of a warm safe place to sleep in the insulation they […]

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