So rats can be more tricky to rid from homes and businesses than other invasive pests because many people will try to just block them out or just trap them.  Both of these methods are effective short term but in most cases the rodents will win over time. 

At Elite Wildlife Services we use a thorough and humane process that has demonstrated effective as long as it is followed in its entirety. A thorough inspection of the affected structure is conducted identifying all of the used entry points and known potential entries.  Unlike rat exterminators, our process starts with either trapping in the affected spaces or installing of a one-way excluder that allows rodents to leave but not regain entry to the structure.  After the removal method is set all entry points are sealed with effective structure blending products to ensure areas are not chewed-out in the future. 

We also install rodent bait stations around the perimeter of the property controlling the outside population, which are serviced monthly, to keep rats to a minimum, preventing a re-entry.  The final step includes a chemical sanitation of the affected areas (typically attic spaces) with a cold fog machine and may be combined with insulation removal or a “topper” covering trails and help mask the “attractants” left behind by rodents.  All methods work in conjunction together to create a whole home or business solution for even the most extensive problems. 


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