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Roof rats or their scientific name Rattus Rattus are the most common rats found in the Houston area.  They were brought into the US through shipping containers from Southeast Asia.  Now they are commonly found in shipping and receiving cities throughout the US.  This invasive species is commonly referred to as Roof rats because of their tendency to enter and reside in the upper areas of structures.  They generally travel outside by means of power lines and fence tops. 

The other type of rat not so commonly found is the Norway rat, also known as the Brown Rat. The Norway rat is a slightly larger less nimble rat.  They are more of a burrowing rat, but can climb into attics as well. 

The roof rat can be identified by having a longer tail than the body.  The Norway rat has a larger body and shorter than body tail. 

Both species of rats are prolific breeders and can have up to 6 litters in a single year. If you believe you are in need of rat extermination services, contact us for a Free Evaluation — Elite Wildlife Services has a proven rat removal process that is not only humane, but also highly effective.


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