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Bat Wildlife Removal in Houston: What to ExpectMany homeowners are unsure of what to expect from wildlife removal services. Some even picture exterminators running wildly through their homes, charging after panicking animals.The reality is a lot quieter and completely non-destructive. Here are the steps we’ll take when we visit your

How to Live With Bats in Texas - Elite Wildlife Services in Houston, Texas

Bats are an important part of the ecosystem here in Texas. They even contribute to local tourism. When they stay outside of your home, bats are a boon. They eat insects, pollinate plants, and disperse seeds. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that bats eat enough pests to save

Do Bat Boxes Work?

Do Bat Boxes Work? Call Elite Wildlife Services and keep bats out of your home.

A bat box or bat house provides housing for bats. Conservation organizations promote them as a way to help and sustain bat populations, as well as a way to control insect populations. Texas Heritage for Living even went so far as to claim every backyard should have a bat box. They

3 Bat Prevention Tips

3 Bat Prevention Tips - Bat Removal Experts - Elite Wildlife Services in Houston, TX

If there’s anything Texas has plenty of, it’s bats. They’ve even become a local tourist attraction. We love to see them in the night sky, but nobody loves to have them in their home. Here are a few ways to keep bats in nature where they belong. #1) Enlist Help from

How to identify raccoon damage in your home - Raccoon Removal Services - Elite Wildlife Services

Almost every customer of ours wants to stay in denial, at least for a little while, about whether they have raccoons in their homes. Sure, they hear footsteps in the attic, but maybe it’s just the house settling, right?Sometimes, they have to start seeing damage before they call us. We hope

How to deter raccoons

How to deter raccoons | How to get rid of raccoons | Elite Wildlife Services

Don’t want to pay for raccoon removal?The easiest way to avoid needing raccoon removal services is to deter raccoons in the first place.Here are three ways to try to keep raccoons off your property.#1) Restrict Access to FoodLike most urban scavengers, raccoons choose to inhabit properties where they can count


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