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Symptoms of Histoplasmosis

Symptoms of Histoplasmosis


Symptoms of Histoplasmosis

Bats like to live in Houston attics, and unfortunately, not every homeowner catches them before they become a severe problem. 

One of the biggest dangers of having bats living right on top of humans is the diseases they carry. Bats carry a fungus called Histoplasma. Histoplasma is transmitted through bat droppings.

Many people notice the vile odor of bat droppings long before anyone in the home gets sick. But it's important to know the symptoms if you've been trying to explain away the sights, sounds and smells because you're afraid of getting wildlife removal services.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the symptoms are: 

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Body aches

Symptoms appear between 3 and 17 days after breathing in fungal spores.

For some people, especially immunocompromised people, histoplasmosis can become a long-term lung infection. It can also spread to the brain and spinal cord. For some, histoplasmosis can become fatal.

Histoplasmosis can also impact pets. Cats and dogs can become infected and die due to infection. 

If treated quickly enough with antifungals, many people will fully recover…but that won't help much if you keep leaving the bats in your proverbial belfry! 

Skip the nasty illness. As soon as you suspect you have a bat problem, call Elite Wildlife. We'll get the bats out humanely and find all the places they're entering your home so they don't come back.

Bats—and their droppings—belong in the wild. Bats carry Covid-19, E-Coli, Ebola, and rabies, too. All these diseases can easily jump from bats to humans to pets. Some of them are even nastier than histoplasmosis! Ebola, for example, is one of the most dangerous viruses known to man. Nearly ⅓ of those who contract Ebola generally die from it. It's highly infectious and can be caught even after the smallest contact with it. 

By the way, did you know wildlife removal is way cheaper than your average hospital bill? You may be pleasantly surprised by the price we quote you. So don't live in fear. Call us, get an inspection, and find out what living in a critter-free home will take. We promise you we're pleasant to deal with and easy to work with, and we understand that you may be fearful of the expense. That's why we offer some of Houston's fairest wildlife removal pricing.

Call today. We're happy to help! 


Our goal is to take time to evaluate each customers situation and customize proven results to solve it. If you are looking for a professional solution for your Bat Removal needs, please contact us today.

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