Bat Wildlife Removal in Houston: What to Expect

Bat Wildlife Removal in Houston: What to Expect

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Bat Wildlife Removal in Houston: What to Expect

Many homeowners are unsure of what to expect from wildlife removal services. Some even picture exterminators running wildly through their homes, charging after panicking animals.

The reality is a lot quieter and completely non-destructive. Here are the steps we'll take when we visit your Houston home.

Step 1 - Inspection

The very first thing we do is inspect your building. We look for signs of bats (and other critters). We also look for potential entry points.

The inspection also allows us to put together your free quote. We actually stop here and come talk to you so you know what to expect and don't get a surprise bill at the end of the process. 

Step 2 - Exclusion and Removal

Our exclusion devices let bats go out without letting them back in. Bats leave and can't return. We get every exclusion device placed. Your bat problem could be completely gone in a single night.

We also go ahead and remove any dead bats we find.

Step 3 - Recommendations

We don't handle bat guano clean-up…that's not our specialty. Sadly, removing guano takes a specialty cleaning company.

Fortunately, we know the best guys in Houston and refer them to you. Bats can do a lot of damage, and we want to ensure you're working with a biohazard company capable of removing every trace of mess and disease. 

If you've suffered from other types of wildlife damage, we'll also refer you to repair companies that we know will do a good job. 

It's that simple!

We don't trap, bait, or kill bats. For one thing, it's illegal to do so in Texas. For another, it's not our style. We love humane methods. We also don't try to sell you any repellants; they don't work. Sealing up entry points is just about the only thing that does.

Plus, bat removal is more cost-effective than you might be fearing, so you don't have to wait for the problem to worsen. You can just call us, knowing we are experienced enough to keep your solutions as cost-effective as possible.

Think you might have bats in your belfry? Protect your home, pets, and family members. Contact Elite Wildlife Services to get help with your bat problem before it gets any worse!


Our goal is to take time to evaluate each customers situation and customize proven results to solve it. If you are looking for a professional solution for your Bat Removal needs, please contact us today.

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