What is Raccoon Roundworm?

What is Raccoon Roundworm?


What is Raccoon Roundworm?


Raccoon roundworm, also known as a Baylisacaris infection, can be serious. It's a parasite that is found in raccoons.  

Raccoon roundworm can cause severe neurological problems and can be fatal. 

If you have raccoons in your home, you are at risk. The parasite can spread from raccoons to dogs and from dogs to humans. It can also spread directly from raccoons to humans. While you or your dog would generally have to come into contact with the raccoon's feces to end up with an infection, that's easier than you think.

Raccoons often leave scat in the ductwork and insulation, which can lead to inhaling roundworm eggs. They don't die as scat breaks into dust; they become dry and fully capable of infecting new hosts. 

They can also contaminate the soil around your home as they leave feces behind around your house, allowing children to come into contact with the parasite. They also tend to treat porches and firewood stacks as restrooms, creating more potential points of contact and more chances for contamination. 

The CDC draws a direct line between keeping raccoons out of attics and reducing your risk of exposure. 

Symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Exhaustion
  • Loss of coordination
  • Vision loss
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Liver enlargement
  • Difficulty tracking surroundings
  • Coma
  • Death

Once you're infected, microscopic larvae hatch in your intestines and then move into the bloodstream, causing damage to your tissues. Rapid diagnosis and treatment is crucial.

Look, we're not here to scare you.

We just want to help you understand why responding to a potential raccoon invasion is so important the minute you suspect you might have one. Many people put their heads in the sand when they first hear the unusual noises or see signs of exterior damage in their homes.

Everyone's more afraid of what raccoon abatement can cost. In reality, raccoon removal is pretty cheap. It costs less than a hospital bill, less than the damage raccoons can cause to your home, and certainly less than deaths from raccoon-borne illnesses.

So, if you think you have raccoons in your home, please do not delay. Raccoon roundworm is just one of the many diseases raccoons carry. Call us, your friendly neighborhood Houston, TX, wildlife control professionals. We'll offer you a free inspection, peace of mind, and humane removal if we find a raccoon getting just a little too comfortable in your home. 


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