5 Ways Squirrels Damage Your Home

5 Ways Squirrels Damage Your Home


5 Ways Squirrels Damage Your Home

Squirrels can easily do $8000 or more in damage to your home. It may be hard to believe that such a small, cute creature can cause so much damage, but squirrels are fundamentally destructive.

Here are the five most common ways that squirrels will, if allowed, unleash havoc in your Houston home. 

#1) Chewing Wires

From a squirrel's point of view, the insulation sheathing over any electrical wire is a delightfully chewy treat. They like the metal, too; it keeps their teeth sharp and hard. 

Once they start sawing into the wires, the damage is sufficient to cause stray sparks whenever a current is running. The NFPA estimates squirrels cause 500 house fires per year. 

These fires are often devastating because they begin in attics and chimneys, places that allow them to spread quickly.

#2) Ripping Up Insulation

Insulation looks like a wonderful nesting material for squirrels. They rip it up, chew it up, and dig into it to bear their babies inside. 

They're also not all that careful about where they leave their droppings and are content to bury it or leave it on top of your insulation. 

The more they tear up the insulation, the less insulation is happening. As they wet it down with their urine, they encourage mold and mildew growth. The end result can be truly devastating for the entire home. 

#3) Destroying the Siding

Squirrels like having easy access to their new attic nest, so they'll chew holes in the siding to make it easier for them to get in and out of the home. They also like running up and down the walls because they'll often try to store nuts between the studs.

Some of the holes we've seen are the size of a man's fist. They're no joke and leave your house in terrible shape. 

#4) Ripping Through Trim

Wood is no match for a squirrel on a mission. The soffit, fascia, and trim near your roof line are fair game as far as they're concerned. For that matter, they're perfectly happy to work their way through the shingles, too.

The result is a leaky mess and another breeding ground for mold and mildew. 

#5) Staining Your Ceiling

That yellow stain on your ceiling might not be "water damage."

Squirrels usually have to be at their dark work for a while before homeowners start seeing their mess so close to the living area itself, but it does happen. 

Eventually, you might start smelling the results, too. 

End Your Squirrel Problem Today 

You've worked too hard to own your Houston home to let squirrels destroy it.

Elite Wildlife Services will help you get rid of them safely and humanely, and we'll help you keep them gone for good.

Contact us for a free inspection today! It could be the best call you make this year. 


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