Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Are Raccoons dangerous? | Raccoon Removal Services Houston | Elite Wildlife Services

Raccoons are sometimes fun to watch, at least if you're viewing them in a zoo, or seeing them in the yard some distance from your house. When you're up close and personal, they're a little less fun.

Here's what you need to know if you have a close encounter with a raccoon.

Are raccoons aggressive? When do raccoons get aggressive?

Raccoons usually aren't aggressive towards humans. That doesn't mean you should get too close to them.

They turn aggressive when they feel threatened. That means you shouldn't run up on them or corner them, even when they're in your home. Give them plenty of space and avenues to escape. Try to stay calm! Most raccoons are pretty blasé about humans, but that doesn't mean they won't lash out if a shrieking, swearing human starts chasing them with a broom. 

Avoid kits! Any mamma raccoon will lash out if she thinks you are after her precious babies. Yes, they're adorable, no they will never be pets, and yes, they can carry just as many diseases as their adult counterparts. 

Keep in mind some raccoons might be sick. A raccoon with rabies might well attack no matter what you do. This is another great reason to keep raccoons out of your home! 

What should you do if a raccoon attacks you?

Seek medical attention immediately. You need to get tested for rabies and other diseases. 

Do this even if the bite or clawmark doesn't "look that bad." 

Do this even if you didn't see signs that the animal had rabies. An animal does not have to be foaming at the mouth, making high pitch vocalizations, or making erratic movements to be carrying rabies. 

Do raccoons pass on diseases? When do raccoons pass on diseases?

In addition to rabies, raccoons pass on raccoon roundworm, leptospirosis, distemper virus, baylisascaris procyonis, giardiasis, salmonellosis, parvovirus, and more. 

Bites and claw marks aren't the only way they pass diseases. Being in close proximity to raccoon urine or feces can lead to infection as well. 

Get Help Today 

If you see a raccoon close to your house, see tracks or scat, or are hearing unusual sounds in your attic that sound like someone is stomping around up there, it's time to call Elite Wildlife. They may also chew up wooden beams, rip up your insulation, and damage your roof. 

We remove raccoons humanely and safely so that you don't ever have to worry about any of the dangers raccoons pose to you, your children, or your pets. 


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