Everything You Need to Know about Rat Trapping Services in Houston, TX

Everything You Need to Know about Rat Trapping Services in Houston, TX

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Rid of Rats in Your Home or Business - Elite Wildlife Services

When you have rats in your house you've got a dozen pressing reasons to get rid of them ASAP.

Hear one or two rats on the roof and you've probably got ten more in your attic and another hundred in your walls. They reproduce with alarming frequency, and attract both other rodents and other predators, like snakes.

Rats are some of the least sanitary animals you can have in your building. They leave droppings everywhere, which spread disease and give your entire home or office an unpleasant smell that's hard to get rid of. They can even start dangerous fires by chewing through your wiring. 

Our Houston rat removal/rat exterminator and decontamination services will get rid of your rats for good.

You can usually hear rats, and you’ll typically hear them at night. You’ll most often hear them moving in the attic or on the roof. You may hear scratching or scampering noises.  You can also check the attic itself for droppings. You’ll tend to see a lot of them. You might see dark, heavy stains in pathways that rats are traveling frequently. Droppings look like little grains of dark brown rice to twice that size.  Rats have very oily bodies and they rub against certain surfaces as they travel, leaving oily, unpleasant stains. If you’re seeing them in open areas then the swarm has grown very large and you need immediate help.  If the rat swarm grows too large, they might grow bold enough to start entering areas humans frequent, and you’ll start seeing them face to face.

First, we’ll find and block off their access points so they stop getting into the house. Without taking this step no other control methods will be effective. Once this is done, we can turn to the rats inside of your home.

We use humane traps to get rid of your rat problem, removing them safely from your home.

From there it will be time to clean up their droppings. We use safe, non-toxic disinfectants to scrub away their leavings. We also get rid of any nests they’ve built and entirely sanitize attic spaces where they dwell. 

The cost will depend on the size of your building and the size of the infestation. We’ve done jobs for as little as $169 and it can range to over $1000. Commercial rat removal services tend to cost the most.

One way you can control the cost of rat removal services is by calling us as quickly as possible. The longer the rats have to breed, the more expensive it becomes to remove them.

Hey, look, we’re biased, but we are also humane, professional, friendly, and cost-effective. But, don’t take our word for it, check out our awesome reviews from happy customers throughout the entire Houston Metro area. Our Mommas taught us not to brag, but we think there’s some pretty good reasons to give our service a whirl.

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