Flying Squirrels Spotted Around Houston

Flying Squirrels Spotted Around Houston

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Another squirrel species has shown up in the Houston Metro Area: flying squirrels. Gray squirrels or Eastern fox squirrels are a lot more common, but people are seeing more of the flying variety.

Flying squirrels can glide from 150 to 500 feet. They sail from tree to tree to avoid predators, by means of patagium connecting their wrists to their ankles. They can turn midair simply by lowering one arm. They can make 180 degree turns in mid-air to avoid flying predators. They have strong padded feet so they can land safely, and their tails act as brakes. 

They prefer yards with very tall trees. This means we see them most often in neighborhoods like Tomball, Kingwood, and Oak Forest. 

Their ability to fly also means keeping trees cut back from your house won't stop these little squirrels from making it to your roof…and perhaps eventually the attic.  They also prefer yards with bird feeders and bird baths, for obvious reasons! 

Signs Flying Squirrels Live in Your Attic 

Late fall—so right about the time this post is being written—is prime time for flying squirrels to enter your attic. They want a warm, dry place to wait out our cold, wet winters. 

Unlike other squirrels, flying squirrels are nocturnal. You'll generally hear them scurrying about after midnight. You might also hear scraping or rattling as they make their way in and out of your attic, usually by way of a loose soffit. They may even keep you up at night as they happily run and play. 

They may be insanely cute, but you should treat them as seriously as you'd treat any other infestation. They can chew on wiring, tear up your insulation, and leave droppings like any other animal. They can also get in your walls, and if one of them dies there the smell can turn the house unlivable. Finally, they do carry Leptospirosis, a disease which can jump from squirrel-to-human when you come in contact with their urine.

How We Remove Flying Squirrels

Don't worry, when we remove flying squirrels we won't hurt them. We trap them safely to get the existing ones out of your home. Then we seal up all the entry and exit points to keep more of them from entering. 

Squirrels can use even very small entry points, so it's important to work with an expert who knows how to find every last one of them.



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