How Can I Prevent Squirrels from Entering My Home?

How Can I Prevent Squirrels from Entering My Home?


How Can I Prevent Squirrels from Entering My Home?

It would be nice if you could keep squirrels out of your home before calling a pest control company like ours. And we've got good news!

There are steps you can take to vastly reduce your chances of acquiring a squirrel problem. 

Inspect Your Home

The best way to keep squirrels out of your home is to control potential entry points. Look for holes in the soffits, as well as for rot in the fascia. Check for holes in your siding. 

Add a steel mesh to the top of the chimney. This will let smoke out but will keep squirrels from getting in. You should also screen off the attic and crawlspace vents.

Trim Back Trees

Trees create a little "squirrel superhighway" when they run right up to the roof. Here in Houston, a lot of us have huge Live Oaks in our front yards for shade. Those branches may have extended over your rooftops for generations, but it may be time to trim them back.

When it's a short hop from the trees (a squirrel's natural habitat) to your roof, it becomes a short leap of logic for squirrels to decide your home looks pretty great for nesting, too. Keep the idea out of their tiny minds. When you trim back your trees, they'll naturally run up and down and around the trees. It's a way to encourage them to "stay in their lane."

Clean Your Gutters

When you let your gutters fill up with dead leaves and pine needles, you're essentially creating a nesting box for squirrels. Think about it; it's enclosed on three sides by something hard, and it's filled with soft, warm stuff the squirrels can burrow into

Once they're nesting in the gutters, the soffits, fascia, and roof shingles are right there for them to chew. Once they chew long enough, they'll wander inside. Once they wander inside, they'll never want to leave.

Limit Access to Foo

Squirrels are just like mice, rats, and raccoons. They're opportunistic about food. They're happy to dig in your trash.

Getting an animal-proof garbage can is an excellent investment that keeps all sorts of pests away. 

If you love feeding the birds, then pick up a squirrel-proof bird feeder. There are several varieties available on the market. This will allow you to feed the songbirds you enjoy without encouraging squirrels to hang around your house.

Get Help When You Need It 

Squirrels are persistent little creatures. There's always a chance they're going to get into your home despite your best efforts.

When that happens, call Elite Wildlife Services to schedule a free inspection. Our team will help you humanely trap, remove, and exclude squirrels. We can also find entry points you may have missed and help you seal them up. 

Squirrels can do a lot of damage. It's good that you're taking them seriously. 


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