How to deter raccoons

How to deter raccoons

How to deter raccoons | How to get rid of raccoons | Elite Wildlife Services

Don't want to pay for raccoon removal?

The easiest way to avoid needing raccoon removal services is to deter raccoons in the first place.

Here are three ways to try to keep raccoons off your property.

#1) Restrict Access to Food

Like most urban scavengers, raccoons choose to inhabit properties where they can count on easy access to food. Outdoor garbage cans and compost piles are like all-night free buffet lines for them.

Secure garbage cans and ensure you have enough to handle all of your normal garbage output before pickup day. Don't be afraid to buy locking garbage cans. Houston has a huge raccoon problem! 

#2) Restrict Access to Water

Every animal needs water to survive. Do you have standing water in your yard?

We're not saying you must give up your pool, hot tub, or birdbath. Just cover them at night, when raccoons are active.

Check your spigots, too. A drippy or leaky spigot can provide an enterprising raccoon family with all the water they might need to survive.

#3) Restrict Access to The Home

Raccoons will enter your home in any way they can. Is there a gap in your siding? Has your soffit and fascia rotted enough to make a hole? Do you leave windows open at night? Are there gaps in the roof? 

About 90% of our work as wildlife removal specialist revolves around finding all the places raccoons and other critters are using to enter the home, and then blocking them off. If you can do that before a raccoon takes up residence, you might never need to call us.

Entry point of a raccoon into the home | Ways to Prevent entry | Elite Wildlife Services

What can you do if you get raccoons despite your best efforts?

Don't beat yourself up. Raccoons are persistent and intelligent. They're difficult to actively deter: they don't care about motion-activated lights, sprinklers, noise makers, or cayenne pepper nearly as much as the Internet thinks they do.

When raccoons take up residence, you need tougher exclusion methods and experts who can trap them, remove them, and release them far away. That's where we come in. The faster you call us, the less painful the removal and eventual damage are likely to be.

See raccoons in the yard, but aren't sure whether they've invaded your home? We'll provide you with a thorough inspection. Once you start seeing raccoons, it's a good idea to get your home checked anyway, as you might want to start using professional-grade exclusion methods before they get the bright idea to nest down in your attic. 

We're Houston's raccoon removal experts and ready to help. Call us as soon as you suspect you might have a problem, and we'll take care of you! 


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