How to Identify Raccoon Damage in Your Home

How to Identify Raccoon Damage in Your Home

How to identify raccoon damage in your home - Raccoon Removal Services - Elite Wildlife Services

Almost every customer of ours wants to stay in denial, at least for a little while, about whether they have raccoons in their homes. Sure, they hear footsteps in the attic, but maybe it's just the house settling, right?

Sometimes, they have to start seeing damage before they call us. 

We hope you'll call before you start seeing damage, but just in case, we thought we'd tell you the major signs that the trash pandas are ripping up your home.

Start With Your Roof

Start with your roof because that's where the most visible damage will likely be. 


See missing or damaged shingles? While storm damage can cause these problems, too, there will often be a difference between storm-damaged shingles and raccoon-damaged shingles. 

You'll see storm-damaged shingles on multiple areas of your roof. You're likely to see raccoon damage in just a small location: the one the raccoons favor for getting inside to your attic. 

Ditto for gaping holes in your soffit and fascia, or any gaping holes in your roof at all. Some of them like to rip up fans and vents instead, so look to see if those structures are bent out of shape. 

Check the Attic

Go up into your attic. You've probably got raccoons if you're immediately hit in the face with a burning, ammonia-like scent. Their urine is just as bad as cat urine, creating pervasive problems that will need serious clean-up efforts to get rid of.

While you're up there, shine a flashlight around. You're likely to see droppings that look very like dog poo. These little presents will often be full of undigested food. 

Check the Side of Your House

Raccoons don't need a tree to get to your roof. 

They can climb right up the sides of your house. If you see smudges on your exterior siding that go straight up, you could be looking at the raccoon's little self-made staircase.

Worst Case Scenario: Raccoon Ceiling Damage

We've seen people who stayed in denial for so long that they managed to bust holes through the ceiling. 

One day you're minding your own business; the next, bits of unpleasantly softened drywall are hitting the top of your head. Suddenly you hear something scamper away from the giant hole in your ceiling. 

Or...Just Schedule an Inspection

You don't have to live in denial. Raccoon inspections and removal cost less than you might think, and they cost far less than repairing the kinds of major damage these little creatures can cause.


Why not schedule one with one of our friendly technicians today? At best, we'll tell you there's nothing to worry about. At worst, we'll help you catch the problem early, so we can get those guys out of your house before they make a big mess. 


Our goal is to take time to evaluate each customers situation and customize proven results to solve it. If you are looking for a professional solution for your Raccoon Removal needs, please contact us today.

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