Raccoons Have Got to Go – What You Should Know if you Suspect of Raccoons in your Home or Business

Raccoons Have Got to Go – What You Should Know if you Suspect of Raccoons in your Home or Business

What You Should Know About Raccoons - Raccoon Removal Experts in Houston - Elite Wildlife Services

Raccoons may seem like harmless, adorable trash pandas, but when they get into your home they create hazards that can't be ignored. Fortunately, you don't have to harm raccoons to protect your home. Humane raccoon removal is both possible and affordable.

In fact, here at Elite Wildlife Services we only practice humane raccoon removal, because we think those little guys are cute too (and we're nice people who respect nature). 

Here are a few things you should know about raccoons. 

Why are raccoons dangerous?

Raccoons are dangerous for two reasons. First, they carry several diseases that can threaten both your family members and your pets. Many raccoons carry rabies, as well as canine distemper and roundworm. They also carry fleas which can spread to pets or humans.

Raccoons also damage your home with urine and feces. These droppings can quickly soak into the drywall of your home, rendering it unlivable. Sometimes this even weakens the ceiling to the point where raccoons start falling through the resulting holes, whereupon they become frightened and aggressive, and may attack your family or your pets.

They also do a great deal of danger to the home itself. Raccoons rip through soffits and fascia, causing roof leaks and gutter problems that can result in thousands of dollars of damage being done to your property. 

How do you get rid of raccoons?

First, we seal off the access points the raccoons are using to enter and leave your home. This is the most important step, as it ensures that we have a limited number of raccoons to remove. It also ensures the infestation does not come back.

From there, we use live cage traps and effective bait to gently trap the raccoons. We then safely remove them many miles from your property.

We also offer recommendations for sanitation services that can help you get rid of all the fleas, ticks, and droppings that the raccoons have left in your home. Without these vital steps your family would remain at risk even after the animals themselves have been taken out of the picture. 

How do you stop raccoons from coming back?

Raccoons are drawn to hospitable environments with plenty of food. Securing your trash can, bringing in pet food at night, and picking up any fallen fruits and nuts in your yard can help make your home a less attractive environment.

If you have a garden, fish pond, or compost pile you should put up a fence to discourage raccoons from visiting.

Finally, you should seal off your chimney, as this serves as a common access point. Remember, raccoons love attics! From their perspective, insulation is the perfect nesting material and they enjoy a warm, sturdy space as much as we do.

What is the average cost for raccoon removal?

It depends on how many raccoons there are, how much damage they've already done, and how many holes we'll need to seal.  

The only way for us to quote you an accurate price is for you to call us for a free estimate. Our estimate will be accurate and you won't have any surprises. Given the long-term damage raccoons can do, it will also be far more cost-effective than leaving these little creatures to their own devices.

Got trash pandas? We've got solutions!

Don't let raccoons ruin your home. Contact us today and request a free inspection!

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