Signs You Have a Squirrel Problem

Signs You Have a Squirrel Problem

Squirrels in attic? Squirrel Removal in Houston - Elite Wildlife Services

Everyone in Katy, TX has squirrels in their yard. As long as they stay in your yard, squirrels are relatively harmless.


Yet when squirrels get into your home you've got a huge problem on your hands! They're just as bad as mice for

chewing just about everything and defecating just about everywhere.  

Here's how you know you've got squirrels in your home.


You hear strange noises.
Scratching and skittering sounds in your ceiling are a good sign that you have some kind of infestation. It may not be

squirrels, but they're noisy little critters and very energetic. You'll often hear squirrels before you hear just about any other type of critter.

You find the damage.
You'll usually find damage in the walls or in the attic. You'll see teeth marks and chewed electrical wires. Sometimes the damage shows up around your air vents, too, or around the roofline.


You see tiny footprints.
Think you've got squirrels in your attic? Try slipping a bit of cardboard up there. Cover it in flour.

Leave it up there one day. You're going to end up with a chewed up piece of cardboard that's got tiny squirrel prints all
over it. 

You see "water damage."
That yellow-brown stain on your ceiling might not be water leak damage at all.
Yeah. Yikes. 

You've detected an unpleasant smell.
Sometimes squirrels fall into the walls and die. Baby squirrels are especially prone to this.

Eventually your house starts smelling like "something's died in here."
You need an extermination company to remove the live squirrels...and to find and get rid of the dead squirrel.

Note, this is why you want to call a company like ours right away. Some people try poison before they try us, and they end up with lots of dead squirrels in their walls. It's awful stuff. Don't make that mistake.


Get help with your squirrel problem from Elite Wildlife Services today!

Did you know that humane squirrel removal and prevention are very affordable services? In fact, we offer one of the

most affordable squirrel removal services in Katy.

Contact us today to get a free estimate. Squirrels belong in trees...not in your house! 


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