The 7 Snakes that Could Invade your Houston, TX Home or Yard

The 7 Snakes that Could Invade your Houston, TX Home or Yard


Did you know that Houston is host to over 23 varieties of snake?

Oh, not all of these varieties will end up in your house. Water snakes will stay in the water, and won't come anywhere near your home.

Quite a few others, however, will show up because your home already has another pest (rats). Here are the scaly invaders who might show up to the buffet.

Coral Snakes (Venomous) 

Gorgeous in their black, yellow, and red stripes, but when provoked they'll try to chew on you, literally delivering their venom again and again. While their bites rarely kill the antivenin is expensive. You're more likely to see them in your yard than in your house.

Copperheads (Venomous) 

Copperhead venom is mild and rarely fatal for humans. Yet these snakes are ubiquitous in Texas. They ave a distinct hourglass pattern on their bodies. They like wood piles and sawdust piles. 

Rattlesnakes (Venomous)

We've seen them in crawl spaces, between the walls, under houses, even, at least once, in a toilet. Obviously you should never try to remove rattlesnakes yourself. Call us so we can get rid of them safely! They're among the most dangerous snakes in North America, with a mortality rate of up to 30%. But in reality they don't like coming into our houses very much. Sometimes they slip in through a front door, or through unsealed pipes that come into the home. Those gaps need to be sealed. 

Rat Snakes 

As the name indicates, these snakes hunt rats, and they are attracted to any home that has them. These are the snakes we find in attics more often than not. The solution for rat snakes is really the same as for rats: seal up access points, trap whomever is in there, get rid of the dead ones, and take a few steps to make the whole house a little less attractive to rodents.

Rough Earth Snakes

You're a lot more likely to find these snakes in leaf or mulch piles than in the house. They're harmless, though if one does get inside you'll still want to call an expert. They're often confused with copperheads, and copperheads are often confused for earth snakes. Don't take a chance.


Like ratsnakes, Kingsnakes come into your home in search of rodents. Most are glossy black, though there are other varieties. They're harmless to humans, though not really to your house. 

Coachwhip Snakes

Coachwhips are pretty aggressive, but they mostly want to scare you and get away from you. Don't corner it, just call us. Usually you'll find them around the house, not in it, but it's been known to happen.

Get Help from Elite Wildlife

No  matter what kind of snake you might suspect is lurking around your home, we can help.

We'll get the snakes (and all other associated critters) out of there! Don't be embarrassed if you're scared of snakes. Even the most dedicated herpetologist wouldn't want one loose in their attic or walls, and would call in experts like us to take care of the problem. 

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